New Blogging Ideas for 2017


Hey y’all! I am super excited about plans for this year around my blog, and I have a few ideas that I’d like to share with you! I’m in need of some opinions. ; ) Although my blog is mainly focused on modesty, I want it to still have new and interesting content. I don’t want to simply write the same thing over and over again! I have several things I did last year (not very consistently, I might add) and I was wondering what y’all might like to see more of.

Modest Weekend Inspiration

I shared modesty posts written by other bloggers several times last year. I’d like to try to do this every other weekend, because I have so many inspiring blogs that I’d love to share!

An Ornament of Grace Link-Up Party

I enjoyed doing a link-up party for several weeks, but I kind of came to a standstill with it after a while. For those of y’all who don’t know, link-up parties are a place for you as a reader to access a lot of blog posts from other bloggers. If you are a blogger, they are for you to link-up your posts and get my readers over to your blog! So it’s basically to vamp views and find encouraging content. Should I keep going with a weekly link-up party?

Feminine Friday

I was able to go pretty consistently with Feminine Friday posts during the summer, but they became more difficult when fall rolled around. It was fun because it kept me motivated with sharing an outfit at least once a week, and I’m thinking about bringing them back!


Pinterest Inspired

At least once a month I want to find an outfit from my Modesty Pinterest board and try to recreate it!

Day in the Life

I really enjoy reading other bloggers posts or videos about a day in their life and I’ve decided that I am going to do this as well! I will do this once a month. I’m not sure if it’ll be with pictures or a video, but I’m excited to start!

Let’s Talk!

 Like to ask a question? I am going to set up a Contact form and once a month I will send any questions I might receive to a few other modest fashion bloggers so you can get more than one opinion! If you have anything you’d like to know more about, whether it be something pertaining to clothes, modesty, or Christianity, send in your question and I will write our responses in a post.

I have a few more ideas that I’m toying with, and I’m still going to share outfits and articles. I’m super excited for this year and thank you guys so much for your kind encouragement! Have a blessed weekend!


18 thoughts on “New Blogging Ideas for 2017

  1. So much excitement! I definitely think you should continue the link-up party. And I love the Pinterest idea! (The “Let’s Talk” idea sounds super helpful and encouraging as well.)



    1. Hi Helen! I visited your blog recently and I really love it! Thank you for your feedback! I’m looking forward to getting started. ❤️ Have a wonderful weekend!


  2. Hey,Melani!!
    I was looking all over the place for your email…I would like to email ya and ask ya some questions?? I see that ya are a southern gal..from GA!! I am too!!(:


  3. I like how you did the guest posts before! It was a neat way to find new bloggers 🙂 And I love the idea of a Pinterest-inspired post! And a post about your day would be neat too 😉


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