Modest Monday: Church Attire + A Link-Up Party!

Hey y’all! It’s Super Bowl Sunday! Haha, no, I’m not a big football fan but I can’t say the same for everyone in my family. It’s been quite an interesting day here in Georgia, since the Atlanta Falcons made it to the Super Bowl. But, this isn’t a football post, so let’s move on to something else! ; )



A slight variation to what I wore to church today. This morning I walked downstairs with this outfit on and with the scarf in my hand, and I found my mom in the kitchen. “With or without the scarf?” I asked, holding it up. She said she liked it better without, and I couldn’t decide which I liked, so I didn’t wear the scarf to church. I did put it on for pictures because… I felt like it. ; )





I can’t resist sharing this picture my mom insisted on taking. Our unintentional “game day” outfits! Note that I said unintentional. ; ) My brother and sister were chasing an escape bunny in the garage when this picture was taken, or my brother would have been in it with his red and black plaid shirt. (PS, I always tell him that he looks like a lumberjack in that shirt. In the most loving way, of course. ; ))

On to the link-up party!



(Please forgive that I don’t have time to change it to Featured Posts at the moment.)

Girls Living for God’s Glory: Episode Two by Allie Taylor.

Dealing with Disappointment by Jennifer Alambert.

Scarves // My Three Favorite Types by Hannah and Helen.

How a Personality Test Can Improve Your Marriage by The Long Way to Go.


~Please link posts that are family-friendly and God-honoring.

~A wide range of topics are welcome. Anything that you would like to share!

~There are no requirements to link-up, such as leaving a comment or following my blog. I do encourage you to read other posts that are shared!

~Link as many posts as you like, old or new!

~To link your post, click on the icon below and follow the directions. Copy and paste your post, choose your picture, name it, and you’re done!

Thank you for sharing! The posts will be up for views all week long. Check back and see what has been added!


11 thoughts on “Modest Monday: Church Attire + A Link-Up Party!

  1. I do that sometimes! Like, wear something in an outfit photo, even though I didn’t *actually* wear it that way out about about lol But shhh, don’t tell lol!


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