Modest Monday: Turquoise Accents + A Link-Up Party!

Hey y’all! This weekend has flown by. I got about half of the things done that I wanted to accomplish this weekend, but I’d say that’s normal because I usually give myself an unrealistic list of weekend goals. ; ) I’ve been working on renovating my bathroom…went to church this morning…and later went dress shopping. Not an extremely exciting day, but not a bad one either!



I love this necklace that was given to me, but today it came to my attention that a piece was missing… the cork! I didn’t even realize it was supposed to have one, and I’m pretty sure that I know what happened to it the day after it was given to me. (Note to self, don’t let your little sisters borrow jewelry.)



On to the link-up party!




What I Wore ~ Valentine’s Leggings by A Fireman’s Wife.

Top Five Life-Changing Decisions by Raising Servant Leaders.

At the Beach Photography by Maddy’s Digital Diary.

Motivation Monday: Every Exit is an Entry by Pillars of Strength.


~Please link posts that are family-friendly and God-honoring.

~A wide range of topics are welcome.

~There are no requirements to link-up, such as leaving a comment or linking back to the post. I do encourage you to read other posts that are shared!

~Link as many posts as you like, old or new!

~To link your post, click on the icon below and follow the directions. Copy and paste your post, choose your picture, name it, and you’re done!

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14 thoughts on “Modest Monday: Turquoise Accents + A Link-Up Party!

  1. Oooh, lovely outfit! Where did you go dress shopping? It’s so hard to find modest dresses. . . sigh. I did make my own, my very first dress. It’s nice to know how to sew in times like these!


    1. I went to Cato! They had a lot of pretty dresses. Oftentimes it’s hard to find a dress that is already modest, but we can always “make it modest.” 😉 I wish I knew how to make clothes! I can make baby clothes… but I’ve never tackled an outfit for myself. Never mind, I lied. I did make a skirt a few years ago. 😊
      Thanks for stopping by and visiting, Olivia! Have a blessed day!


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