Do Your Clothes Reflect Your Royal Status?

I’m pretty sure that every little girl at some point in her life has dreamed of being called a princess. When you heard someone say, “Every girl’s a princess,” you knew that was just what everyone said. Because any girl can be called a princess, but that doesn’t mean that every girl lives in a castle and wears fancy gowns and is addressed by ‘Your Majesty.’ And that’s what defines royalty. Isn’t it?


Actually, you do have a castle waiting in heaven and you do have a title even better than, ‘Your Majesty.’ You have, ‘Daughter of the King of Kings!’ With that thought in mind, how should your clothing choices reflect your royal status?

Maybe you don’t wear gowns and pearls and diamonds every day. Haha, that would be fun! But not very practical and definitely not a Biblical command. What is commanded, though, is discretion and chastity and modesty.

The Lord wants for his daughters to be dressed in a way that is glorifying to Him. As Christians and princesses, it should be our delight to honor our King! I think is so humbling to think of how the Supreme Ruler of the universe looks at us at his little daughters. What an honor!

How are some ways that we can dress like royalty? Here are some suggestions!

1: Before you leave the house and go about your day, look at what you are wearing and really be honest with yourself about if what you’re wearing draws attention to you or points to the God you serve.

2: If Jesus appeared before you visibly, would you be ashamed of what you were wearing? Would you choose to wear something else?

3: Would someone think that you are a Christian by seeing how you dress/conduct yourself/treat others? (Also, if you were accused of being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you?)

4: Is what you’re wearing definitely something a woman would wear?

5: Uphold yourself to a higher standard of living and dressing. If everyone else is doing it/wearing it, that’s usually enough to know that it’s avoidable for you. After all, you are a representative of Christ!

I hope that you all have a blessed day and that the Lord will guide you in the gray areas of dressing. Talk to you soon!


11 thoughts on “Do Your Clothes Reflect Your Royal Status?

  1. Awesome post!
    I think of the second one a lot. Sometimes we have those outfits that we know aren’t quite modest, but we like them, so we wear them anyway. That second point is really what makes me go change into something truly modest. 🙂


  2. Wonderful post! I’m really glad to see someone tackling this topic of modesty. You have some good challenging thoughts in here and your angle of dressing as royalty, which is to be dignified, respectable, and classy, really caught my attention and made me think! Blessings =)


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