When Immodesty “Stands Out”

Hey y’all! Oh, wow, life has been busy lately. I’m contemplating taking the weekly link-up parties off of my blog, because I simply don’t have time to do them every week. They’re fun, but they also take a lot of time and planning! Then again, right now I’m sick and don’t feel like doing ANYTHING, so maybe later I’ll have a change of heart. ; )

I have a tendency to bite off way more than I can chew with projects, lists, blogging, whatever! I have big plans and aspirations, but then I find myself completely burnt out over being an over-achiever. I love blogging, but I think things might be a little simpler around here while I do life right now. Link-up Parties, Modest Weekend Inspiration, and the Modesty Q&A are posts I love doing, but it’s time for a break. A small one. ; )

But, writing articles will NOT be on a hiatus! Writing is a passion of mine, and I consider it a hobby, not a chore. Well, unless I’m writing a history report on Vikings or something. Ha! Which brings us to the topic of this post. I knew we’d get here eventually.


I was on a mission trip with my dance school two years ago. A youth group was staying at the same church we were, and a few of us were sitting around talking. Someone’s name was brought up from their youth group, and none of us “dance girls” knew who they were talking about.

“Who’s Rachel?” One of my friends asked.

One of the guys rolled his eyes. “She’s the one with the brown hair who wears her shorts up to here,” he answered, marking a place on his leg that would definitely qualify as very short shorts. (Well, they almost couldn’t be called shorts.)

We all instantly knew who he was talking about. The conversation turned to something else, but I remember so vividly that guy’s description of a girl from his church. His expression and our collective “oh” as we all knew exactly who he was talking about.

It’s funny. Usually modesty is what’s looked down upon or ridiculed, but in this case it was a lack of modesty. She stuck out by what she was wearing. And no, she wasn’t wearing a long skirt and head covering, but a pair of shorts. “Normal” American clothes.

I don’t know about y’all, but that’s the last way I would want be to be described. By a Christian guy, no less!

What you wear speaks and everyone listens. We need to strive to reflect Christ in our clothing choices, and not be known as the girl who wears her shorts ‘up to here.’ That definitely wasn’t a positive statement. Also, notice that her description was namely physical. He didn’t say:

“The girl who helped bring in tables this morning.”


“The girl who offered to watch (insert name) while her mom was working in the kitchen.”

You want people to see you, don’t you? Who you truly are: your personality, your character, your beliefs. Not just what you wear. That doesn’t define you. But it does say a lot about you.

Well, thank you for visiting today! I plan to come back with an outfit post in a couple days, but until then, see you later!



19 thoughts on “When Immodesty “Stands Out”

  1. Aw, Melani, I hope you feel better soon! The stomach bug was in our church earlier last week and the cold too. It’s that time of year… 😔
    I totally agree with your post. Being sick certainly doesn’t affect your writing though! 😉
    What kind of dance do you do? It’s sounds worldly right off the bat but I’m wondering if it’s ballerina dancing?


    1. I have a cold. But I’m getting over it. Thanks for the compliment! I love writing. Well, I don’t just do ballet, but I certainly wouldn’t call it ‘worldly.’ I enjoy many different styles of dancing. It’s lots of fun! I’m kind of confused why you would call dancing besides ballet worldly, but well, to each his own. Have a blessed day, Olivia!


  2. It’s so funny you should talk about this! Today I was reading Little Women, Chapter Nine, “Meg goes to vanity fair.” When Meg let the other girls dress her up in somewhat immodest attire, she stuck out and didn’t feel like herself. It got her into a pickle and made her realize that people will notice and remember her by what she wears. It’s a good lesson to learn.
    Thanks for a great post, Melani!
    – Megan Joy


    1. I love Little Women! I remember when Met let her friends dress her up and then Laurie saw her and she was embarrassed. Have you seen the movie version? You are right, Megan Joy! Thank you for visiting!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I love Little Women too! Meg made a mistake that time, didn’t she? I have seen the movie version! 🙂


      2. I haven’t watched that movie in so long! I have the book, but I’ve never been able to finish it, lol. Or Pride and Prejudice. I want to, though!


      3. I love the movie!!! It’s my third favorite movie in the world! I watch it whenever I can and have the whole music score on my phone for when I can’t! 🙂
        – Megan Joy


  3. This is really something to think about! When someone i trying to tell you who someone is, they so often use that phrase, “You know, that girl who….” and what they say after that really says a lot about you! Makes me wonder how someone would be able to describe me lol But it really is a good thought, to think about what kind of impression you are leaving on others!


  4. It’s so true! What do people say when they describe ME? Is it what I would want them to say, or something that would totally embarrass me? It’s a touchy subject, but so very important! The girls today don’t think enough about Modesty! Have you ever gone to the blog at freshmodesty.com? It’s really good! You’d enjoy it! Blessings! 🙂


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