Feeling Sunny

Hey guys! Today I managed to step outside with my sister before church to snap some pictures. A rare occurrence! We had a little extra time on our hands this morning, wonder of wonders, and here they are!



I’m super excited that it’s finally spring! I’m happy to push the sweaters and boots to the back of the closet and finally wear some spring-y outfits. Yesterday I spent most of the day cleaning out my closet, and well, I found some lost treasures!


This might be a silly habit that I only do, but I really look forward to being able to change my purse from a winter one to a summer one. Ha! Goodbye to browns, oranges, and deep maroons… ; )

Gonna have to keep this short and sweet, because we are about to have a birthday party for my dear little sister. Blessings!


14 thoughts on “Feeling Sunny

  1. I love when I get to change my purse to go along with the seasons! The problem is when I leave the extra unwanted stuff in the old purse, forget about it, and don’t find it again for months! Once I found an old moldy croissant in my fall purse!
    – Megan Joy

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    1. I do the same thing! I have a box full of purses and I’m sure you could find old receipts, hair pins, loose change, and junk in each one. 😉 Oh, wow! That sounds gross. I’m glad you discovered it!

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  2. I only have one yellow skirt, and it’s honestly never been my favorite color. But this makes me want to wear it more! I’m still not ready to wear a yellow dress or anything like that lol But some yellow in moderation, is so cheery!


  3. So cute! I don’t wear much yellow…I have one dark mustard yellow shirt that I absolutely love! I wear it with jeans, or a jean jacket, and sometimes a pretty navy blue, with white polka-dots headscarf. I love the shirt though! 🙂


  4. Melani – such a cute outfit and lovely pictures. The setting for your church is absolutely beautiful and it created such a great backdrop for you as well. I am your neighbor today at Friday at the Fire Station.

    PS… If you are looking for another linkup opportunity on Thursday’s – I would love if you would consider linking up here: http://debbiekitterman.com/blog/ (Feel free to remove the link if you feel it is inappropriate) Party goes live at 3am Thursday and runs through Sunday night 🙂


  5. Hi Melani! This is such a nice springy post! I think the black really sets off the “sunnyness” of the yellow skirt. Have a lovely Easter weekend! Many blessings, Gabrielle


    1. Thanks, Gabrielle! I wear that black shirt all the time, but my yellow skirt isn’t worn as often. It was fun pairing them together! Have a lovely Easter as well!


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