A Day for Shopping

Hey friends! I am so exhausted right now from a long day of shopping! My birthday is coming up in a couple weeks and instead of buying me a birthday present, my grandmother offered to take me shopping and let me choose my own gifts. (Go, grandma!) I found some pretty cute things, and I can’t wait to share them later! For now, here’s what I wore for a day out and about!


I should have worn more comfortable shoes. : ) Wearing this dress always makes me smile, because last summer I wore it into a Mcdonalds and a couple of the lady employees commented on how much they liked it. It was sweet and slightly amusing. ; )



Enjoying the gorgeous weather! I always love when the trees have leaves on them again. Ha!

Thanks for visiting and have a blessed weekend!


13 thoughts on “A Day for Shopping

  1. Oh I love the stripes on your dress!
    And wow, your trees are so green!!! Ours just have buds on them. I can’t wait for the big green leaves to come out!


  2. Hi Melani! Wow, shopping for your birthday sounds like fun, not to mention a good idea! The stripes on this dress give it a “fun” feel too, I think. And yes, aren’t the greening trees lovely! Funnily enough, our trees here in Aussieland are greening up too after the brown summer! 🙂


    1. Hey Gabrielle! Thanks so much! I really like this dress, besides I can only wear it in the summer. I just thought of how while it’s getting hotter here, it’s getting colder on your side of the world! That’s cool to think about. 😉


  3. I love your dress! It’s so pretty! We don’t have leaves yet, just very large buds. Almost summertime! 🙂 Happy early birthday! How old will you be, (or isn’t that a proper question?!) 😉


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