Did Feminism Kill Chivalry?

I love the days when a post idea is placed in my lap. I was browsing Pinterest this morning, and I came across a picture that I was honestly surprised to find. It was a quote, by an unknown author, and it read this:

Feminism Killed Chivalry.


I didn’t know very much about feminism before several weeks earlier, when I picked up a book called The Accidental Feminist. It was written from a Christian perspective, and the author basically discusses how all of us have somehow or another been affected by the feminist mindset. I didn’t agree with everything I read, but it was still a very good read and a thought-provoking book.

Anyhow, let’s get back to feminism and chivalry. I’m going to write the dictionary definition of both and we can compare the two:


The advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes.


Marked by honor, generosity, and courtesy. A high-minded consideration, especially towards women.

Alright, everyone, these are the serious definitions. I just came across a really interesting sentence when I was looking up the dictionary definitions, and I’d like to share that too:


Something women complain is dead even though it cannot logically exist in an equal society, which is what women wanted. IT’S ONE OR THE OTHER.

Wow. Let that thought sink in. Women want equality, but they also scorn at men who don’t treat them in a chivalrous way. They want to be equal, but they want to be respected…is anyone else confused?

I really do think that once you start trying to be “equal,” the lines begin to blur gender-wise, and the qualities that make people men or women is no longer distinct.

I’m thinking of a news story I heard awhile ago about a rumor that women would have to sign up for the draft once they turn 18. I thought it was completely appalling, and so did many others! But, honestly though, it sounds completely rational in a culture that begs for equality. Because, if we’re not signing up for wars, we’re not equal yet.

How much women beg for this! To be in equal standing with men. The truth is, if we are trying to be “equal,” we are in all honesty saying that we know more than God, His ways are NOT the best, and we are demeaning our gender without even trying to.

How can this be, though? Women wanting something better for themselves shouldn’t be demeaning. That’s because America’s definition of equality isn’t better! Neither is women being less. Men and women can be equal, but different. Equality doesn’t have to be sameness. Because we’re not the same.

 With feminism, chivalry is dying because men are no longer allowed to be men. Women want to step in, take their place, and do it better. How would you feel if traits that make your gender what it is was stripped away from you? Women aren’t treated with respect anymore, because after all, they’re the same! No special treatment needed.

Men being gentlemen and women being ladies is what makes our world decent. Take that away, and a lot of morality is lost. Think of so much in the world that wouldn’t be a problem if everyone stuck to their God-defined gender roles. If every man you met was honorable and respectful, and every woman you met was kind and pure in heart. What a difference our culture would be.

I’m glad that I was able to think on this topic when that picture popped up in my newsfeed, and thank you guys for stopping by today. I hope you have a blessed weekend!





22 thoughts on “Did Feminism Kill Chivalry?

  1. This is so true. In the early nineteen hundreds, many women suffragettes fought and even died for equality. They wanted equal pay, the ability to vote, and not to be looked down upon. Now in the 21st century, it’s gone too far. God made us all to be different for special reasons. If we take that away, we’ve contaminated the mindset of how we should treat each other, both men and women. It’s certainly frustrating.
    ~ Megan Joy


  2. Oh, I couldn’t agree more! The feminist movement is kind of a pet peeve of mine, because it is promoted as giving equal rights, but is actually taking men out of their place.


  3. I agree! Something that drives me crazy is how so many girls sit around moping because they don’t think there are any truly Godly guys willing to lead, and they feel so discouraged by that. And that’s true, but the problem goes both ways! I see so many issues among young girls today, and instead of sitting around feeling all doom and gloom because of the state of masculinity, I find it a better use of my time to focus on my femininity, and what all of that means! I’m not trying to sound rude, but it’s just true lol If all girls want to do is focus on how all the guys fall short, it’s not gonna help a thing lol


    1. Exactly! We can’t change anyone other then ourselves. Also, if we focus on being a good example and showing respect to others, who knows, maybe the guys will follow! 😉
      Many blessings!


  4. God created us men, and women. So there has to be a difference! He could have made men, or women, then we’d truly be equal. But He didn’t. He created two separate genders. That’s the way He made it to be.


  5. Your article is thought provoking, and yes equality is not always equity. However, I believe in respecting humans regardless of their sex, because they are God’s creatures. Feminism in it’s purest form is not misandry. A woman does not need to bully or put down anyone to affirm her worth. Restrictions based on sex is unhealthy. If a lady wants to join the armed forces, and is capable why not? If a man wants to be a care giver or cook, why can’t he? Let people be allowed to pursue their dreams as gifted by God, is all I’m saying.


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  7. Hi, I was just browsing through and I noticed your article. I actually thought you were going to argue the other way, especially when I saw this line: “I really do think that once you start trying to be “equal,” the lines begin to blur gender-wise, and the qualities that make people men or women is no longer distinct.”
    Because to me, that sounds good! To me, blurring gender lines means everyone is seen as individuals, equally.

    Obviously, you see that as less good, because you really value gendered qualities and it is also for you connected to your faith, and I will not argue with that!

    But I just thought it was interesting how one person’s example of bad things happening is another person’s example of the ideal outcome!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is interesting! I guess it depends on your worldview. For me, I believe in the Bible and God’s definitions of distinct gender. I think that men and women can be completely different, yet still equal as human beings. : D
      Thank you for your respectful comment and have a great day!


      1. Thank you for understanding 🙂
        I will make one tiny extra clarification before I outstay my welcome, if that’s okay. I think that people of different seperate genders can be equal, but i think that equality is easier to achieve if the lines are more blurred between and across them. Enough though, and I’m out before I really do outstay said welcome!! *Runs out of the door from your blog, scarf flailing in the wind* haha 🙂


  8. Great article. Like you said men are scolded for being men. Nowadays it’s harder to be a man in the Western world in so many ways. The manly men are going extinct because of the pressure of society for them to become “soft”. I hope women wake up and stop buying into the propaganda that is sold to us.


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