For the Girl Who Wants To Be Somebody

She keeps track of her Instagram followers. She spends tons of time and energy on her YouTube channel, hoping that somebody she’ll be famous. She looks at the girls who have been”discovered” via social media and wonders to herself, why can’t that happen to me?


Fame, recognition, popularity. Who wouldn’t like that, right? Being somebody… it must be nice.

But, what exactly is “somebody?”

If I were to go out and ask several random people that very question, what answers do you think I would get? I think it would be something along the lines of:

* Someone who has made a difference.

* Someone who is well-known, such as a movie actor or a popular author.

* Someone who has influence in society.

Girls sometimes want this so bad… to be successful, popular, and important. I’ve been there myself! But the thing we have to remember is, God has placed us exactly where we are for a reason and a purpose!

Maybe you aren’t the super-popular Youtuber or social media star. But who cares? God has your life under control! You can do your very best planning the most awesome content you can and then leaving it to God from there. Who knows what He might decide to do?

When we decide we’d rather be someone else, we really are cheating ourselves of becoming the person we were created to be. That person’s already taken. Covered. Completely someone else. We can be totally content with where we are in our lives! Yes, sometimes we want more- more followers, more views, more something. But do we really need more? We’re so spoiled rotten in the USA, and sometimes we forget that.

As a last note, just pray and trust God with your life. He can do amazing things that you don’t even know to consider. In the meantime, know that you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be!





14 thoughts on “For the Girl Who Wants To Be Somebody

  1. Great thought! I do some fashion blogging with Instagram, and people have told me before that I’m so “successful”. But what is success? Because I don’t consider having a lot of followers “success”, even though I’m grateful for it. If I haven’t done something with more substance, like encouraged someone else to dress modestly or pointed someone to Christ, than I’m just a good fashion blogger, nothing else. Good reminder!


    1. I love your thoughts on fashion blogging! Thanks for the encouragement. I checked out your Instagram page, and your fans are right, you are a really good fashion blogger!
      Many blessings!


  2. I really enjoyed this post and your thoughts on it. I’ve struggled with this as a blogger as well. I’m not “popular” or necessarily successful but I know that I’ve been told by the few that what I write blesses them, encourages them, and challenges them. That is what God has called me to do. So I keep writing even when I don’t see anything happening really at all. I believe it’s so highly important to embrace who God has made us to be, to not copy someone else, and not try to be like anyone else.


    1. That’s an excellent persceptive to have! I too stay at a standstill with blogging sometimes, and it can be discouraging! I just try to remember that God is in control of everything and if He wants my blog to grow, it will grow!
      Many blessings!


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