Behind the Scenes: Secrets to a Great Fashion Photoshoot


Hey guys! I was asked to write a behind-the-scenes post for my outfit pictures, and I thought it sounded SUPER fun, so I jumped at the opportunity. My sister and I are by no means professionals, but we have picked up a few tips and tricks throughout the years that result in better pictures. I have varied back and forth with using a camera and my iPhone, but for this post I’m going to talk about what we do when we use my sister’s Canon Rebel.

Camera- (Maddy’s point of view.) I use a Canon Rebel T6 with a 18-55mm zoom lens. On a sunny day I like to set my shutter speed at 1/250, my aperture at 3.5, and the ISO around 200. Of course, those numbers will change depending on the weather/lighting. If the lighting is not working for you, I suggest that you always try to change the aperture before anything else.

As a side note, I learned about a new camera technology from Light, which has all of the capabilities of a DSLR but is a fraction of the size. It sounds very cool, and definitely something to check into! 


Location- I do NOT recommend taking pictures in the middle of day! The result is usually a bright glare and squinted eyes. We always take pictures in the evening, when the sun is slowly starting to set, but it’s not dark yet. If you wait too long though, your pictures will be dark! I like to be in a wide open area, and that’s hard because I live in the middle of the woods! Your backdrop will affect your pictures. Getting a light and bright background will really help with your picture quality.

Weather- Sometimes the weather just won’t cooperate. We’ve gone out just after it has rained and we usually don’t get the best pictures. I really do recommend waiting on a pretty day. Especially not one when the clouds are dark and a storm’s coming!


You- Silly as it sounds, your posture really affects the picture. If you’re slightly slouching, you will end up looking heavier than you really are. Angle is also a huge factor. I’m only 5’3,” and if my sister is standing on a slight incline or hill above me, I look SO short. It sounds funny, but it’s true! Try to be standing on an equal, level ground.

Also, if my makeup is darker, I’ve noticed that it makes my eyes look smaller and squinty. I recommend going lighter with the makeup, especially around your eyes. I like wearing white, pink, and lavender eye shadows! If it’s hot outside, I usually have a very fast photoshoot, because with my fair complexion my face gets red really fast!

Experiment with how you stand. Sometimes standing in a still position looks a little strained and unnatural, so I will kind of “move” between pictures. It sounds silly and it drives my sister crazy, but it really looks more real if you twirl a little or shift slightly. I look ridiculous, but well, whatever works. : D

Thanks so much for stopping by and have a great night!





6 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes: Secrets to a Great Fashion Photoshoot

  1. Definitely agree about not taking pics in the middle of the day! I’ve done that, and the lighting is so harsh! I read this posing tip before, “if it bends, bend it” and it has really helped me! I don’t know if that even makes sense(lol) but it means to look more relaxed and not so stiff. My problem is that I usually wind up looking slumped or something in half the pics! lol So I wind up being too relaxed lol


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