Twisted Dreams//A Sleeping Beauty Retelling

“I, Calandra, of the Wingans, do bestow upon you, the Princess of Hanover, a gift. You have been given long life. I cannot interfere with that, but when you are sixteen years of age, you will prick your finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and fall into an everlasting sleep.” She stepped closer so that she could be heard only by Liesel and her parents. “Then you will at last see the truth. Be wary. Be wise. Your fate rests upon yourself.”

On her sixteenth birthday, Princess Liesel Rosanna falls victim to a sleeping curse—but wakens in another world, a prisoner of war. As the bait in a trap for her fiancé, the crown prince of Hanover, Liesel longs to escape back to the fairy tale world. The world where she is only wanting a true love’s kiss to set everything to rights.

As situations quickly grow dire, Liesel must choose which story to live, which life is real. The fate of her country rests on her decision.

Twisted Dreams Cover front

I signed up to do a review for Morgan’s new book, Twisted Dreams! I love fairytale retellings, and was excited to get started. The beginning is the tale we all know and love- the princess is cursed as a baby and only true love’s kiss can save her.

But there’s a twist.

If anyone can turn a fairytale into a sci-fi action novel, it’s Morgan. I really like how she completely went outside of the box and defeated ALL clichés. I definitely didn’t know what was going to happen next! If you’re a lover of sci-fi fiction, I recommend that you give this fairytale retelling a read, because you might find that it’s right up your alley!

I really liked Liesel’s spiritual journey. In a pit of despair, she had to rely on God to save her, instead of the typical fairytale when the girl knows her beloved will make it to her somehow. I’m not going to give away spoilers, but Morgan did do a nice job of displaying faith in God over faith in man.

Also, you never know what someone’s true motives are, and the person you thought was your enemy just might turn out to surprise you. There is more than one lesson to be learned in this book, and I really like that.

A Christian sci-fi fairytale retelling. It just sounds cool. : D We definitely need edifying books to read, and Morgan’s stories never fail to impress. God has given her a gift for writing, and I recommend that you check out her other books as well!

Click here for Morgan’s website and to learn more about her books!





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