Real ‘Squad Goals’ Every Girl Should Have

Squad goals have become all the rage these days! They usually depict a group of girls having fun or crazy adventures together, and while these are fun goals for best friends to have, as Christians, there are other ‘squad goals’ that we should definitely be having!

1: Pray For Each Other!

Good friends are definitely a blessing, and we are some of each other’s best encouragers! Pray for your friends. God has a special plan for each and every one of them, and He hears your prayers!

2: Serve Together!

Grab your friends and find opportunities to serve together. There are plenty of ministry opportunities to work on together! You could… donate clothes to a local homeless shelter, volunteer somewhere, or leave out tracts on a shopping outing. (That’s always fun!) You could make a meal for a family you know. Babysit for free. There’s tons you can do!

3: Reach Out to Younger Girls

Lots of girls tend to stick closer to girls their own age in friend groups. This is fun, but you also have the opportunity to really encourage and bless girls that are younger than you. Show kindness to them. Notice if they are upset or if someone is treating them unkindly. You have the ability to reach out and be a blessing!

4: Do Ministry Together.

Recently a Girl Scouts group donated tons of hand-made blankets to the pregnancy center where I volunteer. It was a really sweet project for them to do together that made a difference! You can think of things like that for you and your friends to do.

Maybe you could find ways to share the gospel in your community. I’ve heard of some girls that will go to juvenile detention centers and children’s homes to serve and share the gospel. While your life may not allow that right now, no matter what your age or time restrictions, you can find ways to encourage others together!

5: Encourage Each Other.

Text that Bible verse that really encouraged you. Send the link to a good article that you found. Acknowledge when they help you and always show your appreciation! Also, challenge each other. Discuss more important things than your favorite movie or book from time to time. You definitely don’t have to take each other seriously ALL the time, but it is good to challenge each other to grow and be the best people you can be.

Thanks for visiting and until next time!


10 thoughts on “Real ‘Squad Goals’ Every Girl Should Have

  1. Hi Melani!!! Amazing post!!! I am definitely emailing this to my best friend.

    Also, I nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award!!! I know you’re probably SUPER busy and all, but the first person I thought of was you because you are just the most amazing person/blogger. You make me happy when I read your posts because it’s so hard to know how to dress cute but modest nowadays, and your blog has LITERALLY inspired every outfit of mine. PLEASE never stop!!!

    Here is the link to the post. 🙂

    I hope you can do it!

    With love, Allie 🙂


    1. Hey Allie! You are so sweet; your comment literally made my night. Thank you so much!
      I would love to do your blog award! I’ll try to get to it as soon as I can. With packing and moving, I’ve been really busy lately!
      You are an amazing, sweet example to girls your age, and I hope you always keep at it! Many blessings!


  2. Great post Melani! I especially love point 3. That is something I have striven to do, as any friends I had were 3-6 years younger than me. One of them has now become like a little sister to me. ❤


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