Tips For Combining Style and Modesty This School Year

It’s almost time for back-to-school! School supplies commercials are coming on TV and stores are stocking up on backpacks and pencils. For most of us, that means that school will be back in session soon! 

Whether you’re homeschooled, public schooled, private schooled, or in college, getting our fall wardrobe planned can be tons of fun. But finding outfits that are stylish and modest can be a challenge! For this post, I’m going to list ways that we easily combine fashion and modesty this fall.

A Few Fall Outfit Must-Haves:

Several solid color tanks and t-shirts.

A couple solid color skirts. (Black, brown, gray.)

Leggings and/or tights!

A couple sweaters/cardigans/shawls.

Black and brown boots.

Lots of Summer Outfits Can Turn Into Fall Outfits With A Few Simple Changes.
Your favorite summer tops can be worn in the fall with a sweater or cardigan. Adding dark leggings or tights to your dresses can easily make it look more fall-ish! I really like adding a denim jacket to dresses or shirt-skirt outfits to downplay the once summery look. 

Stock Up On Leggings and Tank Tops

Low-cut shirts can be made modest with a cami or tank top underneath. Your strappy shirts/dresses can easily be worn with a t-shirt underneath or a sweater/denim jacket on top! Leggings and boots are a must-have during the colder months, and it’s perfect for transitioning from summer to fall!

Wear Short Dresses and Tunics With Pants/Leggings.

A lot of stores sell really cute dresses that are WAY too short! An easy way to wear them modestly is to add jeans, boots, and maybe a pair of boot socks or cuffs. You’ll look modest and adorable!

Find Some Fall Pieces/Accessories That You Love.

I love getting a few new pieces of jewelry that are definitely fall-ish. You can find inexpensive and super cute jewelry that look like leaves, pumpkins, owls… the possibilities are endless! I also like getting a few new pairs of boot socks, scarves, and hair accessories. Fall is just a fun season.

Layer A LOT.

Instead of telling you, here are some super cute layering outfit ideas from Pinterest:

Thanks so much for visiting and happy back-to-school styling! 


11 thoughts on “Tips For Combining Style and Modesty This School Year

  1. You can definitely dress modestly in the cooler temps! Thanks for the tips! As a fashion blogger myself, I get asked this from time to time, so I’m glad another blogger took the time to do a post about it 😉


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