What Snow White Taught Us About Beauty

I’m currently re-reading one of my favorite books by Melanie Dickerson, which happens to be a Snow White retelling. Of course, it is a little different from the Disney movie that most of us know and love, but the main theme is still there and I thought it would be fun to talk about how beauty plays a huge role in the fairytale.

The Evil Queen Is Obsessed With Being Beautiful.

In the book, Duchess Ermengard (the Evil Queen role) treats Sophie (Snow White) as a slave mostly because she is jealous. She knows that Sophie is younger, prettier, and more attractive than she, and that results in her intense disgust and anger.

Something that I got from it was how Duchess Ermengard decided to dislike someone that is more beautiful simply because they were more beautiful. Sometimes Christian girls will almost do the same thing, with noticing someone who is prettier or more popular and deciding they dislike the person, when in reality they just wish they were the same.

I’ve seen it happen, and maybe you have too. Because of our sinful nature, it’s easy to be discontent with how God made us. We have to remember that God planned everything about us for an exact reason and purpose, and He thought you were worth being here, on Earth, as a person. That’s pretty awesome!

She Would’ve Been More Beautiful Without All Of The Effort.

Duchess Ermengard wore white powder on her face, poofed her hair as high as she could, put dye on her eyelashes and lips, and grew her fingernails out longer than necessary. Her goal in doing all of this was to enhance her appearance, when in reality she was really making herself look worse.

I don’t know why I suddenly thought of this, but did any of you watch Veggie Tales when you were little? I remember one episode when Madame Blueberry found a magic mirror, and she looked at her reflection so often that she became discontent. She wanted to be more beautiful. Each time she put on more makeup, more jewels, or a fancier dress, something would go wrong. Her mirror would tell her that she was flawless, but in reality her hair was going out of whack, her face was breaking out, and her teeth were messed up. The mirror showed how she really looked, but what was happening outside of the mirror was what was happening to her heart. I hope that wasn’t really confusing.

She Was Miserable.

By seeking beauty above all else, Duchess Ermengard was absolutely miserable. She was always worried that someone was more beautiful than she, and didn’t hesitate to kill those that competed with her. While I seriously doubt that anyone reading this would ever kill anyone, your life will become less joyful, fulfilling, and God-honoring if you place the burden of beauty on yourself. Which brings us to our last point:

Vanity Is A Burden.

A few years, my old dance school put on a performance called Freedom. Five girls played the “burdens,” which were greed, despair, worry, hypocrisy, sickness, and the last one was… vanity.

When we step out of how God defines beauty and start following how the world defines it, we are really doing a disservice to ourselves. We think if only we’ll be beautiful, then we’ll be happy. The only problem is that we’ll never be satisfied.

Real beauty is kindness. Real beauty is love. Real beauty is helping others and serving our King.

That’s what real beauty is.

That’s the beauty that mattered to Snow White and what should matter to us, too.


15 thoughts on “What Snow White Taught Us About Beauty

  1. I remember that veggie tails! 😉
    Read this while getting ready this morning and as I was worrying about the breakouts on my face. It really changed my mood today. Thanks a lot! Your posts are always a great encouragement to me! ~Anne 💖

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey, I know who Madame Blueberry is! lol Anyway, YES! I’ve definitely seen people not like someone just because they feel that person is prettier or more popular than she is, and that’s just silly lol It’s not fair to the other person! I’ve had other girls be rude to me before, and I didn’t do anything, so that’s definitely not God-honoring lol And it’s so true that there’s a beauty that comes from within. It sounds cliche, but I’ve seen it! Some of the most beautiful people I’ve ever been around had way more to them than just nice hair and makeup! It was their smile, their bubble personality, their laughter, their joy, their encouraging spirit, etc.


  3. Thanks for the post! I recently read several books by Melanie Dickerson, and literally ordered ‘the fairest beauty’ by her yesterday! So it was funny when I came across your post just now. 😉


  4. Melani, can I just say I am freaking IN LOVE with your blog already?! I literally just found your little corner of WordPress, like, not even five minutes ago haha, but three posts in and you have my eager follow! I, for one, own at least half a dozen of Melanie Dickerson’s novels and was ecstatic to see your evaluation of this one! I’m an avid Disney obsessor, so it uplifts and encourages me every time I see a writer using these tales for God’s glory. I’ll be praying for the spiritual success of your blog dear girl, because God is going to use this to touch a lot of young women’s lives ❤︎


    1. Hey girl! Aww, thank you so much! You are so sweet and encouraging!

      Oh my goodness, I LOVE Melanie Dickerson’s books! I can’t wait for An Orphan’s Wish to come out. It’s going to be an Aladdin retelling!

      Well, thank you so much for brightening my day and I hope you have a wonderful day as well!

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      1. You are more than welcome sweetie! I always hope to be 🙂

        She is, by far, one of my FAVORITE YA Fiction writers out there!! I hadn’t heard about that one until very recently, but you know I’ll be right there with you when it comes out!

        I wish you the best Melanie, and hope to talk with you more as our blogging journies continue ❤


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