Are “Future Wedding” Pinterest Boards Helpful For Single Girls?

I used to keep up with what my friends and followers were pinning on Pinterest. I don’t so much anymore, mainly because of time. While I would scroll through the boards, I noticed a common theme. Lots of girls I knew who were all teenagers; single, young, and with NO future marriages in sight had future wedding boards. I was a little confused.

I didn’t think it was necessarily wrong or bad. It wasn’t. I just didn’t really see it’s purpose… and wondered if it were actually hurting some of these girls.

Now, I’m sure that some if not most of these girls simply thought it was a fun thing to do. I get that. Pinterest has a TON of wedding ideas, dress ideas, venue ideas… but why spend your time pinning hundreds and hundreds of future wedding pictures when you’re only 14-15 and have no plans of marrying soon? 

Here are a list of questions you can ask yourself to determine if planning your wedding is a good thing for you now or if it does you more harm than good.

Is It A Waste Of Time? 

Pinterest can be really useful for a lot of things. Recipes, diy, crafts, any trade you can think of, it’s on Pinterest! There’s also a lot of content that’s just for fun. Planning your wedding years before it would happen falls under that category.

That being said, there’s nothing wrong with having fun Pinterest boards. Not at all! The potential problem lies with what is fun for you. 

Having wedding Pinterest boards isn’t inherently wrong. But is it distracting you from more important things?

Would Any Of This Be Useful In Years To Come?

Years later, when your wedding day does happen, I’m going to think that your style and taste has probably changed a little! What you planned when you were 14 may not be what you want anymore. You grew up and changed. You could very possibly like the same things, but I’m sure that you could have very different ideas of what you would want for your wedding.

Am I Too Young To Be Married?

If so… then why worry about it so much? Picking out flowers, choosing bridesmaid dresses, thinking about colors, why is this not completely silly if you’re not engaged? 

A lot of girls do get married. You most likely will. But it’s not in God’s plan for you right now. He has a plan for every day of your life, and your life won’t suddenly have more meaning or importance once you’re married. So it’s better to focus on the now and prepare for the future, without allowing yourself to be consumed by it.

Am I Ranking Marriage Too High?

Our number one purpose here on earth is to serve God and honor Him with our lives. You can definitely do that in marriage! But, marriage isn’t the goal and God calls some people to serve Him in different ways. 

Some girls idolize marriage. Unintentionally yet very obvious when it happens. When you want to get married more than you want to serve the Lord, that’s when wedding planning and dress choosing has gone too far. 


A Wedding Should Be Planned By Two People! : D

Planning an event that isn’t going to happen anytime soon is like packing for a vacation months before it would happen. It doesn’t serve a lot of purpose. 

When you get engaged to be married, planning your wedding with your fiancée should be a lot of fun. You can find ways to incorporate BOTH of your preferences, instead of hoping for whatever you planned years ago. If you already have everything just so in your mind, you may not be very open to compromising with your husband-to-be! 

I guess that wraps this post up. If you’re young and single and have future wedding boards on Pinterest, I’m not going to tell you it’s wrong. That’s between you and the Lord! I hope this post was helpful for you in some way, and that you have a blessed day!



12 thoughts on “Are “Future Wedding” Pinterest Boards Helpful For Single Girls?

  1. That makes a lot of sense what ur saying. TBH, I do that quite often. Not on Pintinterest but sorta in my mind and I tell my friends my wedding preferences. But ur right. I’m simply 16 and I need to concentrate on Gods will for my life.
    Also one reason other girls, including me, might get excited to plan their wedding is that they r dissatisfied with their life right now and try to hide their depression by getting excited over the future. I think I do it because I have anxiety problems and it distracts me from my nervousness. Thanks again for this post!


    1. It’s easy to do! That’s a really good point, that girls will think of marriage because they are discontent with their lives now. Hmm… good post idea. 😉
      Thanks so much for sharing your heart. I love hearing from you!
      Many blessings!

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  2. Yes, these are great things to think about! I know when I was on Pinterest at the start, EVERYONE had these MASIVE boards of wedding ideas, pictures, colors, you name it, they had it. And my mom and I thought it was really crazy; why would you put this much thought and time into worrying about a wedding, rather than the marriage? So for the longest time, I didn’t have a wedding board. But i do have a public MARRIAGE board, because that is what I should be focusing on.
    However, I realized I am a person who works HORRIBLY under stress, and so I finally started a private board that has a few ideas, but not really a lot. I like having it there, but I like pinning ideas about simple weddings, focusing on the right things, etc.
    But this is so true. We really should focus on the right things, at the right time. We should all ask ourselves if we need to be focusing on future relationships when we aren’t ready for them right now.


    1. That’s awesome, Claire Rachel! I’m glad that you have a godly marriage/encouragement Pinterest board. Planning for a God-honoring marriage is definitely better to focus on than a picture-perfect wedding!
      Also, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to remember some ideas for the future. : )
      I hope you have a blessed day!


  3. Yes yes yes! 🙂

    I only use pinterest to look up sewing patterns, hair styles, drawing tutorials, and other small things. I don’t have boards. It helps keep me off there when I should really be doing other things too!

    But yes, I do have ideas in my head if I ever do get married. I stumbled (and I mean it was and accident, truly, it was!) over the most gorgeous modest wedding dress, so I printed out the pictures of it. My mom put them in a folder in the filing cabinet for if I ever get married. If I don’t, then all I’ll have wasted was two or three sheets of paper!

    I think about marriage a lot, but I also know that now is not the time to get married. There can be maturity that comes from long thoughts on marriage and purity even though I’m not in a romantic relationship. I have long conversations with my Mom about marriage, purity, modesty, and I think if I went into marriage without those conversations I would be lost.

    Great post, Melani! 🙂


  4. Very true. These are a lot of the same things I think about single girls having wedding boards. I would add one more point, though: If you’re planning a wedding while single, chances are you’re more focused on the wedding and the romance than the actual marriage. It’s not about having this beautiful, perfect, amazing day with a picturesque ceremony and a fabulous reception. It’s about joining two lives together to become one, so that those two can serve God together for the rest of their lives. People these days (single and otherwise) put too much emphasis on the wedding itself, in my opinion. Yes, it’s nice to have a great wedding, but it’s about the marriage.


    1. Exactly, Morgan. I completely agree with you! The emphasis should be on the marriage and not on the ceremony that creates the marriage. Of course, not saying that you shouldn’t have a beautiful and carefully planned wedding. : D It all lies on where your priorities are!
      Many blessings!


  5. I had never thought of it this way. It’s interesting to read what someone else thinks of the matter. I think that if someone created a wedding inspiration board on Pinterest when they were young, it would be fun to look back when they are actually planning their wedding to see how much their ideas and preferences had changed. Thinking about your dream wedding is often fun, but I can understand what you’re saying about getting carried away sometimes.
    ~ Megan Joy


    1. It can go either way. It’s definitely not Biblically wrong to think about/plan your wedding, and if some girls wish to do it for fun and they don’t let it consume them, I’m not going to tell them they shouldn’t do it. Thanks for your persceptive and sharing your thoughts!

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  6. There is perhaps a hidden danger in planning a wedding without a groom. I knew of two young ladies that did this and even went as far as buying their wedding dresses. This was followed by the intense desire to find somebody and get married. Both began pursuing various young men. One girl got engaged and then the guy called it off and so she found someone else and married him shortly after the first engagement ended. The man she married is not turning out to be such a great guy.
    The other young lady has been through several courtships and none seem to work out as the guys feels pressured from the beginning to hurry up and get engaged.
    Best to wait on the Lord for his perfect will and timing and choice in who is best for you.


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