Five Habits That Every Girl Needs To Break

Hey guys! Tomorrow is everyone’s favorite day of the week, and to kick it off I listed 5 habits that every girl needs to learn to break. It’s hard- I totally know it is! As Christian girls, there are some things that we are more prone to do and that are harder to fight. Being able to identify our weak areas is a great start to overcoming in Christ! 

Five Habits That Every Girl Needs to Break…

1. Procrastinating.

Everyone procrastinates. Sometimes it’s inevitable and you simply don’t have time for whatever task needs to be done. More often than that not, though, girls will procrastinate when they DO have time!

You need to clean your room. Instead you pick up your phone. You told yourself that you’d wash the dishes. Instead you sit on the couch and turn on the TV. I do it all the time, and I’m pretty sure that most of y’all do too. It’s so easy to put things off! But, we really need to stop if we want to be good stewards of our time and honor God with how we live.

2. Gossiping.

We all want to know what’s going on. What our friends are up to and who’s doing what. And sometimes… once we find out an interesting tidbit of information, we really want to share it. 

Gossiping. It can be fun, but it almost always jumps back and stings. (I’ve definitely been stung my fair share.) Spreading negative reports about people isn’t helpful for anyone. Especially as girls, we need to watch what we say and be careful to not cause destruction with our mouths.

3. Jealousy.

On social media, you read about other people’s lives and see pictures of where they’re traveling and… wish that your life was a little bit more like theirs.

The green-eyed monster has visited. 

Being content can be hard! Some people seem to have it so good. They have exciting lives and many adventures. 

But… what blessings do you have that so many people don’t? Not everyone has the assurance of a roof over their head and a meal on their table. Not everyone has a family. Not everyone has their health. You are more blessed than you think.

4. Ignoring Others.

Don’t let life pass you by while you’re looking at your phone. Don’t miss opportunities or adventures because you’re checking your Snapchat story or posting on Instagram. People in real life are much more important than your followers.

A lot of girls tend to push people away. Maybe they’re scared of getting too close or actually needing people. Whatever the reason, it’s not healthy to be reclusive and shut yourself off. It’s good to make friends. It’s good to build relationships with your family. Don’t miss out and waste parts of your life. You don’t want to look back and feel regret! 

5. Being Your Worst Enemy.

Focusing on your flaws isn’t going to help you change them. Being hateful towards yourself isn’t going to help you in the least. You have to remember that you are only human, you aren’t perfect and you never will be. Don’t tear yourself down over mistakes. Maybe you can’t cook. Maybe you wish you were more outgoing. Everyone has something that they wish they could change about themselves.

You might have to work harder than most. Maybe it doesn’t come easy for you. That’s okay. Work hard at what’s important to you and ask God to guide and sustain you. Sometimes He’ll give you the result you’d hoped for. Sometimes He won’t. Our real mission on earth is to bring glory to our Father! 

Many blessings to you this week! 


10 thoughts on “Five Habits That Every Girl Needs To Break

  1. I was just fighting with the green-eyed-monster yesterday! It’s so hard!!! We have to remember that we never face a temptation without God giving us a way out. There’s ALWAYS a way!

    Thanks for this post, Melani! 🙂


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