Secrets Behind The Abortion Industry: What I Learned From Working At A Pregnancy Center

(Disclaimer: This post is very honest about the methods and techniques present during an abortion. If you are younger than 16, it may be too much for you and you might want to skip this post.) 

I decided to apply to volunteer at a local pregnancy center the summer I turned 16. I thought I would be able to help out around the center, cleaning, organizing, or doing office work. 

I didn’t expect to get the education on abortion that I did. 

I read countless brochures, flyers, and articles on every subject you can think of. Abstinence, post-abortion, healthy relationships, adoption, healthy pregnancy, all kinds of medical problems and health issues.

Then came the videos. I watched plenty of informational videos on birth and abortion. I watched testimonials of women who had had an abortion, survived an abortion, or who used to perform abortions. The stories were crazy and seemed like something you would make up… but they were real.

Life threats if an abortion wasn’t performed.

Girls dying from not being monitored during an abortion.

Acid eating at the baby’s skin in the womb, slowing killing it in torture.

Babies dropped in a bucket of saline after birth. 

Facilities that look like a crime scene.

True stories that sound like something in a horror movie.

How Planned Parenthood Began: The Dark Truth.

Margaret Sanger, along with a group of liberal feminist women, founded the American Birth Control League in 1921. Their purpose was simple, they (the rich, educated white women) wanted to have more time and money for themselves. Which means they wanted to have less children. But they were afraid about what that would mean when the poor and working-class people began growing in larger numbers.

Their Solution? Make Sure They Aren’t Born.

So Margaret began promoting birth control in a big way. In her own autobiography, she admitted that her biggest life goal was to promote birth control. But selective birth control. For the poor and working-class.

She wanted them to slowly cease to exist.

But What Happens If They Do Get Pregnant?

She came up with a new solution. Abortion. She knew that her plan would never be achieved without innocent lives being terminated. So killing them was the best option.

Margaret Sanger wanted anyone that was less than a rich, educated, high-class white person to die.

She died 7 years before Roe vs Wade and was unable to see her dream become a reality. But she is the founder of Planned Parenthood and her evil dreams are the reason that abortion is now legal and attainable.

Abortion Was Not Created To Help Women… But To Terminate “The Unfit.”

When you think about it, it really sounds like the Holocaust. But now unborn babies are the victims.

 Secrets Behind Planned Parenthood: What They Don’t Want You To Know.

A pro-life organization called Live Action went undercover in Planned Parenthood to see if they were all that they said they were. The results are shocking.

Planned Parenthood claims to be a primary health provider for women. Yet 92 out of 97 of the investigators from Live Action were turned away once discovered that they wanted to keep their babies. 

Abortion is their goal. If you don’t want an abortion, then you have no further business there.

Planned Parenthood has encouraged countless girls to lie about their age, lie about their boyfriend’s age, lie about being a prostitute, lie to their parents, etc. They promote “safe sex” education for children so that they will be more likely to get pregnant and come running to them for an abortion. 

The president of Planned Parenthood stated, “We are not going to be an organization promoting celibacy or chastity.”

Abortion Is Their Goal And All They Care About.

Girls have admitted to feeling pressured into abortion by their care providers at Planned Parenthood. They are told that is the best option and the only way out

They aren’t told that there are other options.

Abortion Statistics:

79% weren’t told of available resources.

Suicide rates 6 times higher after abortion.

Most felt rushed and certain, yet 67% weren’t counseled.

84% weren’t sufficiently informed before abortion.

Women are nearly 4 times more likely to die after an abortion.

65% suffer trauma after abortion.

What About The Babies?

Do they feel the pain? Can they see and hear yet? Do they know that they’re being killed?



32 thoughts on “Secrets Behind The Abortion Industry: What I Learned From Working At A Pregnancy Center

  1. Wow. This post is sickening, but it needed to be written. The issue itself is so heartbreaking to me, but even more so the lies, the deceit, the “covering up” of this horrible crime. I could cry. Thank you for writing this much-needed post, Melani! People need to know the truth behind abortion.


  2. Oh dear Melanie, this is horrifying! The whole abortion scene is so, so, sick, disgusting and wicked to the core! I have always known abortion was pure evil, because it is murder, but this post and some of the links have opened my eyes to new aspects of how evil it is, if that makes sense. I agree, it is like the Holocaust in many ways. People need to realise all this, so keep speaking the truth!

    And by the way, I love all your latest lifestyle-focused posts-I’ve just kind of been too busy to comment! And I generally read them off my emails, so I was pleasantly surprised when I clicked over to the bog to comment, and I saw the new style! I really like it!

    I hope your days are full of God’s goodness, and keep proclaiming His truth!

    Many blessings,


    1. I’m so glad to hear from you, Gabrielle! Thanks so much for your thoughts and sweet encouragement. I’m really glad you like the new style! I have fun changing things around from time to time, and most of the time I can’t decide which I like best. 😆
      When I first started volunteering at the center, I knew abortion was very wrong but I didn’t really know many details. I wanted to share some information that I had obtained since then!
      Many blessings!


  3. Wow. How true, but how sad. People don’t realize what is going on, and what we are having to fund with our tax money. A really good film to watch is 180 by Ray Comfort; it has some graphic images in it, but comparison of abortion to the holocast is spot on.


    1. Hey Claire Rachel! They actually had 180 at the center where I worked, but I don’t think I ever got around to watching it. Thanks for the recommendation!
      Have a blessed day!


  4. This is horrible!! I can’t imagine how people can do this. When other people are sent to jail for murder, why aren’t these people sent to jail for murdering babies who have the right to live? 😥 😥
    Thank you for sharing Melani!


  5. This is horrific, and I admire you for having the courage to write about it. However I’m not sure I fully agree with you on educating students about safe sex. I think it’s really important to address it because it’s information that they will need all their life, and I feel that it also removes the stigma associated with sex. But that’s just my two pence 🙂


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