Four Times When It’s Okay To Ignore Guys

Hey guys! In a recent post I wrote about when I was confronted for being rude to guys, and I got a really good comment asking WHEN it is appropriate to ignore a guy. Because I think most girls have felt at least a little uncomfortable around strange guys in public from time to time and what do we do? Is it rude to ignore them? Is it right to talk to them? So in this post I’m going to share my thoughts for when I think it is appropriate (personal opinion, nothing more) and better safety-wise to simply ignore someone. So let’s get into it!

1: When You Feel Threatened.

If someone is following you around or making you feel extremely uncomfortable, of course, it’s best to try to get away from that person! You aren’t under any obligation to make a strange man feel welcome in your company. Especially if it’s in a place like a store or restaurant. Get back to whoever you came with and pretend he isn’t there. You’re not being rude. 

2: He Won’t Take A Hint.

Maybe some random guy in public came up to you and started a conversation. After a couple minutes of talking to him, you quickly realize that he ISN’T someone you would wish to associate with. Now what?

If it were me, I would try to gracefully end the conversation. But what do you do if he won’t leave you alone?

Again, safety in numbers! If you went somewhere alone, you just have to let him know that you wish to be left alone. If he follows you out to your car… walk fast, ignore him, stay out in the open, and don’t hesitate to use your can of pepper spray if need be.

Because if you’re out and about all by yourself, girl, you better have a can of pepper spray on yourself. XD

3: He’s Being Hurtful or Disrespectful.

If a guy you know or a guy you don’t know is just being plain rude, sometimes ignoring is all you can do. Of course, communicating is always best but sometimes it doesn’t work. If a guy is tainting or teasing you in an inappropriate or mean way, there’s not much you can do after calmly telling him that you don’t like it. If he won’t stop… just ignore him. Go somewhere else.

4: You “Met” Online.

If a random complete stranger messages you online… you really have to use discernment, but I would say that ignoring is best in most situations. Sometimes there can be exceptions, but having an ongoing correspondence with a complete stranger can be dangerous. We’ve all heard stories about stalkers, and you don’t want anything like that to EVER happen to you.

In conclusion for this post, showing Christ-like behavior and love is important in all situations, but you’re not being a rude person if you have to decline attention or turn someone down. Being safe is important too! 

Many blessings!


9 thoughts on “Four Times When It’s Okay To Ignore Guys

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  2. I totally agree! While we should be kind to everyone, we first and foremost have to stay safe, so we should use discernment at all times. Unfortunately, there are some people, who if you give them an inch, they’ll bust the door down, so shutting the door in their face is the only option lol They don’t take hints! lol I never feel obligated, like I “have” to be nice, when something doesn’t feel right 🙂

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  3. Great advice! My sister and I were recently at a Walmart, and these strange guys kept staring at us. It was SUPER awkward and really creepy. I couldn’t wait to get out of the store and back to the car! XD Makes me even more determined not to be in places like that alone. 😉


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