Why I’m Not A Fan Of Emma Watson

Emma Watson is a pretty popular Hollywood actress. She is dubbed a very wise and mature young lady, with many people flocking to her for advice. I know girls personally that adore her. But I’ve decided for myself that she isn’t a role model I want to have. Which might seem kind of strange, because between the Harry Potter movies and the live-action Beauty and the Beast, Emma Watson is immensely liked and respected. I know she’s an idol to plenty of little girls. And older girls too. For this post, I’m going to share why I don’t follow this Hollywood actress and my reasons behind it.

A few months ago Emma Watson was filmed giving advice through an IPad at Grand Central Station. For just two dollars any commuter could ask her a question of their choice. Nothing wrong there. Except at the end of the day she was asked what she would like to do with the money she’d earned.

Her answer? She wanted to give it away. To America’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood.

“Oh my god, the money! It has to go to Planned Parenthood,” she insisted. “They’re the best!”

Planned Parenthood commits 887 abortion a day and 320,000 abortion a year. It aborts 160 babies for each one child that they refer for adoption. They are committed to ending lives for profit. In a recent post I shared dark secrets behind Planned Parenthood that proves that it definitely is NOT “the best.” 

Emma Watson is pro-choice and a feminist. Both facts that she is very proud of. No matter how many good deeds she does or people she helps, as a Christian, a worldly Hollywood actress isn’t a person I want to strive to be like.

Emma Watson makes her own lifestyle choices, of course, but if she supports something I’m very much against I can’t possibly jump on the bandwagon of girls that worship her. I’m definitely not an advocate of feminism, gender equality, or pro-choice rights. She proudly supports them all. Since we’re so very different in beliefs, I’m not going to place her on a pedestal as a girl to model myself after.
I’ve read quotes by her saying that she’d never feel comfortable in a mini skirt. You can find pictures of her in a mini skirt. I’ve read quotes by her saying that dressing provocatively is embarrassing, yet you can find pictures of her half undressed. I’ve read a lot of things that she’s said that don’t really seem to line up with photo-shoots she’s posed for.

I know Emma Watson is a movie star and I don’t really “know her.” I’m not saying that she’s an awful person or needs to change her ways. I’m really not trying to judge her, I promise! The purpose of this post was to list information that I’ve gathered that made me not a fan of hers. 

It’s really important not to turn people in movies into idols. Sometimes it seems that they are super smart and well-respected, but if what they say doesn’t line up with what the Bible says, then they shouldn’t be people we look at with stars in our eyes.

I hope y’all have a blessed weekend! 


16 thoughts on “Why I’m Not A Fan Of Emma Watson

  1. I agree whole-heartedly. And I appreciate the fact that you’re not being ugly about it, you’re not condemning Emma Watson or any other actresses, just because you don’t agree with their choices. Thank you, you and so many other bloggers are like the wise older sisters I never had ❤

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    1. Thanks, Grace! I hope that her opinions on abortion will change too. She holds a lot of influence in the movie world, so her becoming pro-life would be amazing!


  2. I actually agree with you. Or maybe I just envy her. I might as clever as she is, if I had a personal trainer I might be as thin as she is, and hey I could be a UN women goodwill ambassador too.
    Unfortunately I am not rich and famous (yet 😉).
    The media only praises those who got a lucky and are now well known. But there are many young adults who could do the same.
    And as for the “revealing” clothing part, “honey, we’ve all seen you wearing, dont even try”.
    Great post 🙂🙂

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  3. Wow, thank you so much for writing this post; I have herd SO many mixed reviews on her, and I didn’t know about the planned parenthood thing; A few of my friends REALLY like her, and I just can’t see her being a good role model; I have seen too much wavering in who she says she is. Thanks so much, Melani!!


  4. Thanks for this post Melani; I knew that she was a feminist, but didn’t know of the ardent PP support. It is disappointing to see Christians idolizing celebrities who are for so many things God is against. May we be faithful to point girls to godly values!


  5. Emma Watson is, to me, one of the most beautiful actresses out there. And I know she’s done some good work!(nothing that I’ve watched, though lol) But yeah, it’s definitely sad to see so many girls look up to her! I’ve seen a lot of girls look up to her because of the quotes she’s made on modesty, but I don’t understand that either, because like you, I’ve seen a contradiction of that. And I didn’t know of this quote about Planned Parenthood, but it sadly doesn’t surprise me that she said that!


    1. She is a beautiful actress! I agree with you; I’m sure she’s done really nice things. I also know that her beliefs aren’t biblical, and so I can’t really agree with her!
      Many blessings!


  6. WOW! This post is spot on! I agree with the above comments, you didn’t condemn her, which is what a lot of Christians would do.
    -Bekah ❤️


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