Disturbing Abortion Facts That Everyone Needs To Know

Abortion is an issue that a lot of people don’t want to think about. It is heartbreaking and unthinkable for so many, but an easy way out for others. It is really important to have a thorough knowledge of the facts. Even if you know you’re pro-life, being educated will definitely be helpful in giving an account for your beliefs or spreading awareness and maybe being used by the Lord to save a life. 

I’m going to share some pictures from Pinterest and go a little deeper with some research I’ve conducted. Some of it I’ve learned from working at a pregnancy center and some of it is from articles and real statistics.

1: There have been over 58 million abortions.

There have been millions of abortions since Roe vs Wade. Millions of babies whose lives were violently ended. Generations that will never exist. 

Because the mother preserves the right to decide if a person is able to exist. 

* 22 percent of pregnancies (excluding miscarriage) end in abortion.

* Less than 2 percent of abortions are from rape or incest.

* Nearly 1 in 2 African-American children are aborted rather than born.

* 64 percent aren’t informed that there are other options… they’re told it’s the only way.

2: A very small percentage saves the mother’s life.

One of the most common justifications of abortion is when it’s to save the mother’s life. Yet it is such a small statistic, it really is not a relative argument. The same goes with validating abortion when rape occurred; it is such a small percentage that it should not be a pro-choice argument. Because in most abortions it isn’t the case. 

3: The founder of Planned Parenthood wanted to terminate anyone that wasn’t a high class, wealthy white person.

This lady was pure evil. Her wicked dreams were why she created Planned Parenthood and why it exists today. 

Margaret Sanger promoted birth control and abortion for the purpose of reducing the population of “the unfit.” 

She stated, “Birth control itself is for nothing more or less the facilitation of the process of weeding out the unfit, of preventing the birth of defectives or of those who will become defective.” She also believed that birth control was the only viable way to improve the human race. 

4: Babies that can hiccup, smile, suck their thumbs, and feel pain are aborted every day.

In most states, abortions are legal in the first and second trimester and illegal in the third… except in certain circumstances. 

Most abortions are conducted in the first 12 weeks. That would mean that many of the  babies aborted are in the above stages of life. 

Babies are also aborted later, when they are further developed and even more aware of their surrounding. 

5: Planned Parenthood sells aborted baby parts for profit.

“We’ve been very good at getting heart, lungs, liver, because we know that, so I’m not gonna crush that part. I’m basically crushing below, I’m gonna crush above, and I’m going to see if I can keep it all intact.” 

– Dr. Nucatola describing Planned Parenthood’s affiliate payment for fetal organs. 

This doctor willingly shared (under false pretenses) that during abortions they tried to not destroy certain organs so that they could be sold. She says what buyers want, what sells, and flippantly describes abortion methods to keep these organs from being ripped apart.

If you haven’t heard of anything more disturbing and disgusting, I can’t even began to imagine.

“We ask God to bless America- a nation that turns a blind eye to the slaughter of unborn children- a nation that provides taxpayers to fund an organization that allegedly sells body parts from dead babies.

God bless America? Perhaps we should be asking for his mercy instead.”

– Fox News.

I completely agree.


9 thoughts on “Disturbing Abortion Facts That Everyone Needs To Know

  1. Thank you for sharing this! I knew abortions were wrong and I’ve always been against them. But the subject always makes me cry… the way anyone would short of kill you for killing a dog, but justify taking innocent lives… or we say “black lives matter” or “white lives matter.” Yeah, they do. But what about the babies of all races that aren’t getting a chance? It’s all so sad 😢😢


  2. Hey, as much as I’m 100% pro-life, I do want to point out that the Margaret Sanger quotes you posted are all either false or taken out of context. In the first quote, she meant that she didn’t want people to think they wanted to exterminate the black population (because they didn’t). The “human weeds” quote is a misattribution. The “large families” quote is actually talking about how some people without access to contraceptives thought they should just kill children if they had too many; it wasn’t her personal opinion.

    In reality, though there’s no denying she had lots of other problematic views (like being a staunch feminist and promoting abortion), these particular quotations are not correctly reflecting the views she held. I’m only pointing this out because many pro-life people do use these quotes. The pro-abortion camp tends to jump on the fact that they’re false and tries to use that to take away legitimacy from the pro-life movement.

    I think it’s really important that we have a clear understanding of the opposing side of the abortion debate, and it’s so difficult in the internet age to know what’s true and what isn’t!

    Your message about the abortion industry is so important and I wouldn’t want anyone accusing you of being a liar because of some inaccurate quotes!


  3. Abortion is so tragic and sickening. I know that some women go into it knowing what they are doing and not caring, but I’m sure there are also plenty of at-risk women who need to be better educated about what pregnancy really is and what other options there are. Thanks for getting the word out!


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