Should Christians Watch Stranger Things? Part 1

I normally don’t pay much attention to whatever pop culture TV show or song or anything is the latest “thing.” Stranger Things, though, I have not been able to escape. 

I’ve seen it trending on Google and Pinterest and heard peers and friends talking about it enough that I finally asked myself, “Okay, what is this Stranger Things show and why is it that amazing?” 

I was a little disappointed.

By the way, several people that I’ve heard mention it call themselves Christians. That’s partially why I was curious enough to look it up! I’m not saying that I doubt their Christianity because they choose to watch a certain show; that’s between them and the Lord and has nothing to do with me! I just wanted to step back and write a post listing info about the show in case you’ve also heard all the hype about it and wondered what it was all about.

How does Stranger Things begin?

Young Will Byers is cycling home from a disappointing “Dungeons & Dragons” campaign at a friend’s house, when a terrifying figure suddenly appears… Will tries to escape and hide, but he is abducted…

Will’s friends Dustin, Lucas and Mike begin investigating his disappearance; while looking for Will in the local forest, the boys find a girl with a shaved head in a hospital gown, who they let stay in Mike’s basement. They learn her name is Eleven and that she has psychokinetic abilities.

Will’s mother Joyce becomes transfixed by supernatural events affecting the house electricity – she’s convinced Will is communicating with her. As these strange events continue, she witnesses the same monster that took Will, which threatens her on numerous occasions. Meanwhile, police chief Jim Hopper grows suspicious of the nearby national laboratory after he finds a torn piece of hospital gown outside the lab grounds. Mike’s older sister Nancy attends a pool party hosted by her new boyfriend Steve, begrudgingly accompanied by her best friend Barb. Jonathan, Will’s brother, witnesses the events of the party, taking photos. While alone, Barb is also abducted by the Monster.
There was a lot more in its synopsis of season 1, but I’m not going to add it all. Click here if you’d like to read the full synopsis.
Okay, so Stranger Things sounds pretty creepy. A boy being abducted by a monster, the supernatural communicating through electricity, a strange girl in the woods with psychokinetic abilities. 

And that barely scratches the surface.

A few Stranger Things facts.

Dungeons and Dragons, the board game played in the beginning, is known for its darker spiritual elements. I researched it and the game has been accused of summoning demons, leading to the occult, and even driving teens to suicide.

The adults in ST drink and smoke frequently.

Characters, mostly children, swear quite a lot. I even found an article on how the ST kids fought tooth and nail to be able to swear more in season 2. Netflix was contacted and the cursing was approved.

There are several inappropriate innuendos and suggestive scenes. 

This is basically a dark, scary, and worldly show.

It’s a little disheartening that several Christians I know have suggested it. With deeper research I have found that it is not something that I would ever be interested in watching and not just because I’m totally terrified of horror movies/books. (Even if the show were clean morally wise and spiritually wise, I still wouldn’t watch it. 😅)

So there you have it. Some information concerning Stranger Things. I hope that you will seriously consider the content covered in this popular Netflix show before deciding to press play.

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28 thoughts on “Should Christians Watch Stranger Things? Part 1

  1. I feel the same way. I have never done much research on shows like Stranger Things, but I know enough to stay away. Another show that is just as creepy and demonic is Supernatural. Several of my friends who are professing Christians watch it. We really need to pray that God will open there eyes to the evil that they are letting into their lives.

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  2. I’ve watched both seasons of Stranger Things. I believe that in Christianity some things are clear while others are left to every christian’s prudent judgment, so I by saying this don’t mean to convince anyone to watch it.
    I’ve found it enjoyable: the plot is interesting and although it has some “scary” elements, the series is more of a fantasy one than a horror one, the scary elements are not there merely in order to scare the ones who watch it, but are part of the plot.
    About Dungeons and Dragons the only thing I can say is that I’ve played it a couple times: it is a roleplay game where one of the players invent a fantastic word and presents some challenges to the other players and the other players decide what they want to do. The players can decide to interpret different fantasy creatures such as elves, dwarfes. As far as I know there is nothing intherently sinful.
    That said, I don’t believe anyone should watch series or movies that make them feel uncomfortable, so if you feel that the show doesn’t align to the type of entertainment you desire, you should definitely not watch it!

    Merry Christmas!


    1. Christians can and do believe different things. For me, I feel like a show with a lot of profanity and innuendos is enough to stay away. Especially when monsters and freaky stuff are added to the mix! XD
      Many blessings!


  3. Thank you for this informational post! I’ve heard of so many people, Christians and non-Christians alike, being obsessed with the show. I’ve never been interested because it sounded way too creepy for my taste. Now I know a little more!


    1. Thanks, Paige! I would definitely call Stranger Things a little creepy…. : ) Not the kind of stuff I want to focus on. Thanks for leaving a comment and have a great day!


  4. Great that you shared this! Just like you, I have heard and read a lot about Stranger Things from Christians. I haven’t researched the show as I thought from the beginning that it seemed like something I shouldn’t watch. These shows influence us a lot more than we usually like to accept. It was good to read this as now I know more about the show — and I think Christians shouldn’t be watching it.


  5. Great post Melani! I’ve never watched ST, but I have seen the fandom and wondered what was so great about a creepy-sounding show, so thank you for saving me the trouble of looking into it! 😉


  6. I just watched the first three episodes after it being recommended by a Pastor’s wife on facebook….believe me, I am totally disappointed in her (and her husband’s) support of this show.


    1. I can understand your disappointment. Based on what I’ve researched, it doesn’t seem like a very edifying or appropriate show. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!


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