Why I Ditched Spending Sunday Morning With A Curling Iron

Hey guys! I hope everyone is excited about the new year! It’s kind of crazy that 2017 is already over.

For this post I thought I would share about my Sunday morning hair struggles as a 13/14 year old. My hair is naturally very straight, and I used to allow myself TWO HOURS to curl my hair in the morning. (Part of the reason being that I didn’t own a super good iron.) Anyway, it was ridiculous, and I thought why not start off the new year with posting about vanity and preparing our hearts (before our hair) for Sunday morning church service.

My alarm goes off at 6 in the morning. I quickly shut it off before it woke my sisters (those two could sleep through a train wreck) and head to the bathroom to plug in my curling iron.

Then the process starts. Curl. Hairspray. Curl. Hairspray. Curl. Hairspray. About an hour into it I’m bored, but I can’t go to church with half-curled hair, can I? So I continue until every strand on my head has at least a little wave in it, spray all my hair again, and finally exit again the bathroom.

(This is partially hilarious because my best friend bought me a curling wand for my birthday this year, and it curls all my hair in literally 5 minutes.)

But that is how I spent several Sunday mornings before church. Sure, I wanted to look nice for church, but two hours on my hair? It was a little crazy.

I would wake up early enough to be able to curl my hair, get the rest of myself ready, and help with my younger siblings, but I definitely didn’t worry so much about getting any devotions or Bible reading done. Sure, I was planning to do that at church. But wouldn’t it have been better preparation for a morning of worship to spend time with the Lord, rather than let my vanity take over?

You really don’t have to look picture perfect for church. Yes, it’s nice to be clean, neat, and modest, but spending hours in front of the mirror really isn’t necessary. That’s not your reason for going to church anyway!

So that’s my little story. : ) I ditched spending Sunday morning with a curling iron and traded it for spending time with the Lord.

Let me know in the comments, how much time do you usually spend getting ready on Sunday? Has there been a time when your vanity took over?

Thank you for visiting and have a blessed New Year!


13 thoughts on “Why I Ditched Spending Sunday Morning With A Curling Iron

  1. I really don’t spend much extra time getting reading for Worship(that’s what my family calls it) on Sunday. I usually spend my time fixing breakfast for everyone that comes to our house church.


  2. My hair is naturally very frizzy and wavy, so I at least have to flat-iron it just a bit so it won’t be all over the place. That takes quite a while, however. But I love how you shared your story! It is truly about spending time with God instead of letting looking perfect take over the true meaning. 🙂

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  3. What great post! I spend about 5 minutes getting ready for church. I can’t remember the last time a wore a dress to church.🙊 Maybe Easter? T-shirt + leggings + ponytail + high tops is my usual Sunday ensemble. I should probably start wearing other stuff… lol.

    Happy New Year!!



  4. I do curl mine sometimes, but it doesn’t take me 2 hours, and I certainly like my sleep enough not to get up early to do it! 😉

    I like finding overnight curling methods so it’s easy and quick and I don’t have to worry about it. I can just do it up somehow, go to bed, and wake up ready for church, pretty much.

    This post was a good reminder not to spend too much time on myself! Thank you!

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    1. Haha, yes, sleep should trump primping! (Most of the time, anyway ; )) My younger sister enjoys putting her hair in curlers before bed, but I really love using the wand because it’s so quick and the curls stay really well!

      Thanks so much for commenting, Olivia!


  5. I have long, ridiculously stick-straight hair and I used to spend about an hour curling before church. Then I realized it was vain and pointless, so now I only curl on special occasions! Thank you for writing this post, Melani. I can definitely relate! 😊

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