Aesthetic Snow Day Fashion Photoshoot!

Hey y’all! So we actually got SNOW in South Carolina yesterday, and this morning my sister and I decided to do a photoshoot outside! I haven’t done an outfit post in awhile, but some of y’all have said that you like them so I’m going to try to post about outfits/fashion/modesty more often. : D 

Also, I’m kind of glad it snowed and we’re stuck in the house because… I have more time to read and write! I don’t know if I’ve ever shared it here, but I love to write fiction, and once I actually buckle down and finish something I’d like to self-publish it. So be on the lookout! XD

(Gloves might have been a good idea.) 

Can you see the heart in the snow? ❤️

Again, gloves. I need those fingers for writing! On a side note, my promise ring fell in the snow while taking pictures, and I was SO sad because it’s really special to me and it was gift for my 16th birthday. Well, never fear! My little brother has a metal detector, and he found it. : D

Thanks for visiting, guys! If it’s snowing at your house, why not go outside and snap some pictures? 

Have a blessed day!


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