Should Christians Watch Stranger Things? Part 2

Hey guys! Over a month ago I wrote a post titled Should Christians Watch Stranger Things? Since writing that it has quickly become one of my most-read posts, and so I decided, why not write a part 2? 

I received some really interesting feedback from writing about Stranger Things. Some of y’all said that you stay away from the show, some said that you really enjoy it. I’m going to take a look at both perspectives and dig a little deeper as to what really is covered in the Netflix show that claims to be a global phenomenon.

We covered a brief beginning of season 1 in the first post. Let’s jump back in with a little bit about season 2.
“Despite returning from the Upside Down in season one, Will Byers (Noah Schnapp) has been unable to shake his connection to this shadow dimension. It turns out that he’s being targeted by a massive smoke monster of sorts, nicknamed the Mind Flayer by Mike (Finn Wolfhard) and friends. A third of the way through the season, the Mind Flayer possesses Will, turning him into an unwitting “spy,” all while sowing roots throughout the underground of Hawkins in an apparent plan to bring the Upside Down right-side up.

For their part, Sheriff Hopper (David Harbour) and Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder) are incredibly proactive in the new fight against the Upside Down. Hopper is the one who discovers the subterranean threat spreading underneath Hawkins, while Joyce immediately senses trouble within her son and sets about unraveling the meaning behind the “shadow in the sky,” which she’s able to see thanks to the help of a video recording and some tracing paper.

The season winds down with all roads converging on the same mission: Eleven returns to Hawkins and finally reunites with Mike, just in time to use her telekinetic powers to destroy the Mind Flayer’s reach from the Upside Down. Unfortunately, she arrives too late to save Bob Newby (Sean Astin), Joyce’s new boyfriend who ends up getting killed by the “demodogs,” the four-legged monsters who share a hive-mind attachment with the Mind Flayer. At least Will finally seems free of his connection to the Upside Down, once the portal closes, and after his loved ones are able to essentially burn the possession out of him.”

So that’s basically how season 2 starts and finishes. 

In my first post I shared some facts about Stranger Things, such as the cursing, drinking, drug use, teenage sex, dark supernatural elements, experiments on children, and horror-thriller government conspiracies. 

Is this a show for Christians?

Many of the themes covered in Stranger Things are blantantly forbidden in Scripture. If over and over again in the Bible we’re told to stay away from sin… should our entertainment be celebrating it? 

The problem with Christians watching shows like Stranger Things is that they think they can because of freedom in Christ. 

Freedom in Christ is about being free from sin… fear, worry, despair, anger, deceit. 

Not exactly freedom to do whatever you want. 

Is watching Stranger Things a personal decision that anyone should be able to make?

The thing is, a non-Christian does not claim to follow God. They haven’t proclaimed God as their personal Lord and Savior, and so they aren’t under any obligation to follow His laws. 

Christians, on the other hand, have promised to seek God and turn away from their own desires.

A TV show that broadcasts sin… isn’t exactly following up on your promise to make Jesus your Lord. 

We all fail and do things we later regret. We all have to ask forgiveness. Rest assured, NO ONE does everything right once they become a Christian! 

Stranger Things… Netflix’s biggest hit and the current most popular show in the country. 

Is it worth looking over some things to be able to watch it? 

For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh and the lust of the eyes and the boastful pride of life, is not from the Father, but is from the world. The world is passing away, and also its lusts; but the one who does the will of God lives forever. 

1 John 16-17


14 thoughts on “Should Christians Watch Stranger Things? Part 2

  1. Thank you for this, Melani! I do not watch Stranger Things for a few reasons:

    1) I am not a huge movie/TV fanatic, so when I do watch something it must be something worth my time (therefore, if the show or movie has mixed reviews I rarely watch it)
    2) I hate anything horror/horror related
    3) I have heard that there is a lot of sexual content I can barely tolerate seeing a kiss scene on screen. I feel like any sexual content in a movie or TV show is almost always awkward. That’s not to say romance is bad, but do we honestly have to see anything more than a kiss scene?

    I’ve primarily only heard all about this show through movie reviews and friends talking about it. So I am far from an expert.

    Anywho, that’s my little rant. 😉

    I also love where you say, “Freedom in Christ is about being free from sin… fear, worry, despair, anger, deceit. Not exactly freedom to do whatever you want.” This is something so true and something we all need to be reminded of!
    Thank you so much for sharing this insightful blog post!

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  2. I loved your last post on Stranger Things and was so excited to see part 2 in my reader! I love your boldness and willingness to speak out for what is true and pure. ❤

    I hope Christians reading this will search their hearts and realize God doesn't want them to watching stuff so full of things His Son died to save us from.

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  3. I have seen both seasons of Stranger Things, and in all honesty, I quite enjoy it. Most people regard it as a horror show, and I understand where they are coming from, as some parts are indeed scary! But the problem with me for the show is the constant use of bad language. Sure, it’s not like I’m going to go around saying these words after watching it, but still, why would Netflix have twelve and thirteen-year-olds say these words? And about the sexual content-it’s ridiculous! I remember one scene where a teen boy goes to Mike’s house to look for his sister, and the Mike’s mother is regarding the boy with lustful looks. I don’t know about you, but that is highly unnecessary. All-in-all, it’s a rather enjoyable show, but after reading your insight on this post, I believe I am going to steer away from any future episodes. I wasn’t aware that the show was as evil as it actually is.

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  4. Great post! You should write one of these about a bunch of different pop culture shows & movies! —


  5. I started watching Stranger Things because I had heard it was this amazing sci-fi show. I kept trying to watch the show because others had said they liked it. I would watch an episode, then stop, because it just was kind of disturbing. I continued to try to force myself to watch the show because I kept thinking well, it’ll get better, because everyone says it’s amazing! (Even though I don’t like the show… the way it was filmed was quite impressive, so I’ll give them that:-) I got to the fourth episode and couldn’t watch anymore. I know this isn’t the case with some people, but I was deeply disturbed by the content (more so the horror/gore and the way the teenagers on the show behaved in general) and couldn’t go any further. I also couldn’t stand the sad relationship Nancy has with her mother, and the bad relationship she was in, because that is exactly the opposite of who I aspire to be! (I know that Steve/Nancy’s relationship gets better, but my point is I just couldn’t wait for that to happen) It was a couple days after I was still pondering continuing the show when I saw your post! It kind of cleared up that Stranger Things was not for me:) Thanks girl!


  6. Wow, I had not heard of the show Stranger Things except I that a YouTube channel I like has a video making fun of it. I am disappointed to hear that Sean Astin is in it, though. He claims to be a Christian and was in the movie Woodlawn. I guess it can’t be too un-expended. Thanks for the insight!



  7. I don’t have Netflix, so I haven’t watched any of Stranger Things, and the only thing I appreciate about it is the Bad Lip Reading, which really is wonderful and turns it into an 80s sitcom without any of the weird elements. It’s hilarious. However, I think that even if I did have Netflix I wouldn’t watch the show–I just get a weird vibe from it. 😛 Lovely post!


  8. What bothered me about this show is that I’ve observed the occult and mystical seekers in the charismatic side of Christianity. In other words, seeking portals to heaven or other dimensions is sometimes done by “Christians” and that is New Age (really straight up occultic) and wrong. Whether we like it or not, some of this has infiltrated the church. I grew up charismatic and Presbyterian and Baptist (have visited all the denominations almost, but those were the ones frequented) and I still believe in the gifts of the Spirit, yet I’ve seen some overreaching and opening themselves up to things not of God without realizing it. The devil can appear to be an angel of light and even perform false signs and wonders. So that was my major issue with the show besides the obvious–violence, cussing, drinking, smoking, and teen sex. It reminded me of all the deception I’ve seen former friends in. I got out of that environment where deception was occurring and cut ties with most of the people there, yet it still hurts me that so many are deceived. Also blogged on this in case anyone is curious and wants to know my experience. A blog and a YouTube channel by a lady named Beth, The Other Side of Darkness, is also a great resource for those who’ve come from a New Age background and have since come to Christ.


  9. Here’s an even better suggestion: just drop tv. It’ll save you a Netflix bill every month. I stopped watching television shows about 2 years ago and haven’t missed it! I spend that free time instead developing the gifts God gave me in both music and art. Never watched Stranger Things but have heard about it and the people I work with rave about it all the time–which led me to do a search and that’s how I came to your blog. The reason I stopped watching tv was because it felt like most of it was glorifying sinful behavior. I couldn’t watch a show that didn’t somehow have an agenda. Even in comedy shows. One day when we’re gone from this earth we will all have to give an account to the Lord on what we did and how we spent our time. Use your time wisely. It’s the one thing you can never get back.


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