Christian Girls and Pop-Culture Entertainment. Are We Feeding Ourselves Garbage? 

Hey guys! While this is a pretty busy time of year, I’m going to try my best to make time to write. Posts may be a little farther in between than usual, but I still plan on coming back and sharing my heart from time to time. : ) 

A couple months ago someone left a comment on my Stranger Things post asking if I would write more about pop-culture TV shows. I think this is a great idea, so if there are any TV shows, movies, or music you’d like me to talk about, I’d be glad to look into it!

Today we’re going to look at the big picture: pop-culture as a whole. The best things may not “pop” to mind! For me, I usually first think of TV shows. (Don’t ask me why!) When I hear girls talking about whatever show they’re currently into, I first wonder, Is this TV show even appropriate?

Sadly, the answer is oftentimes no. 

A few months back I heard that a new Jumanji movie was coming out. 

I visit Plugged In from time to time to read their reviews, and Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle was one of their latest posts. I quickly learned that it was NOT a movie I’d be watching! 

But I knew that more likely than not, Christians would be flocking to the theatres to enjoy this new, updated, and quite distasteful Jumanji. 

What kind of entertainment do you enjoy? 

Are there certain scenes that make you cringe and turn away? Do you tune out a few words? Would you recommend it to a friend with a disclaimer to skip a few parts?

If Jesus were sitting right beside you, would you still turn it on? 

I promise, I’m not writing this post to condemn anyone! 

I don’t think all popular shows are bad or to be avoided. I’m sure you can clean some up just fine with a filter! I just want to write this post as a gentle warning- the TV shows that everyone’s raving about might not be what they seem.

3 Questions To Ask Yourself:

Is this show influencing me in a bad way?

Do you find yourself less effected by violence? Does swearing bother you less? Are worldly definitions of gender roles and feminism constantly being thrown at you? 

Maybe it’s time to kiss that favorite TV show goodbye. Because really, you don’t need to allow a lifeless screen to pull you down! 

Does this lift me up and inspire me? 

I don’t understand crime shows at all. Some people find them entertaining, but I know I would be Miss Paranoia if I spent my time watching them. (Me: Is that guy behind the gas station a killer? Oh my goodness, I’m home alone, what was that noise? This is how it ends.)  

For me, I don’t understand how shows like that can be uplifting and inspiring. Maybe you can watch them and be completely unaffected, but no matter what you choose to watch, does it impact you in a positive way? 

Would I live like the characters in this series? 

Sneaking around, lying, gossiping, disrespect, self-centeredness. Are these common themes in your favorite show? Granted, no one is perfect. Perfect characters would be unrealistic! But do these characters make lifestyle choices that go completely against what you’re striving for yourself? 

So these were my random thoughts of the night! Thank you for taking the time to read it, and have a great start of your week!

(Also, feel free to leave a comment with any types of pop culture entertainment you’d like for me to write about!)


31 thoughts on “Christian Girls and Pop-Culture Entertainment. Are We Feeding Ourselves Garbage? 

  1. It would be really cool if you made a post about pop culture tv shows/movies that you actually feel comfortable watching! This is something I think EVERYONE struggles with. —

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  2. Thanks for this insight! I was wondering what you knew about the content in “Doc McStuffins,” since I saw it in an earlier post and was curious. 🙂

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  3. This is so helpful! Our family doesn’t actually have the capability to watch shows. I don’t even know, is it cable? netflix? where you can get shows lol. But yeah, these questions are also applicable for books, movies, all of that kind of thing.

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  4. Amazing post! Even a kid show like, Jessie or Andi Mack is influencing kids in wrong ways. Jessie is about bratty kids, and Andi Mack, well, read the reviews. A lot of my friends don’t care what they watch, and a few times when they recommend a show or movie to me, I have to turn it down. Or even music.


  5. This post made me think about my entertainment choices and what parts of culture I am deciding to promote by watching entertainment. I’d like to see a post about clean movies/TV shows that you would recommend (although not necessarily “Christian”). It is often very difficult to find entertainment that doesn’t include objectionable content.


    1. You are very right! It is super hard to find entertainment with completely clean content. I find it easier to “uncover” clean movies than TV series, but I will look into TV shows that I would recommend. Have a wonderful day!


  6. Great questions! My friend and I watched Jumanji without looking at the reviews first, and it made me incredibly uncomfortable with all the “jokes” they made. They tried to include an inspiring theme, but for Christians, it doesn’t even come close to a good example.

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  7. Great post, I think this is something we should all take into consideration when watching a film… SO many movies/TV shows/songs/books/etc have many things in them that Christians should be very cautious of… While everyone’s standards are different, we have to remember Philippians 4:8, and if our thoughts following or during this movie are not in line with that verse, we probably shouldn’t watch it. Thank you for this post!

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  8. Oh, Melani! Your blog posts get me Every. Single. Time.
    Am I feeding myself junk? Why yes. Yes I am. Why am I doing it? Because it’s my favourite TV show. I just read a verse in Colossians I think it was and it really hit me. Thank you so much for writing inspiring posts!

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  9. I try to stick to kid-friendly shows (I’m only like ten XD) like Bizaardvark or Stuck in the Middle on Disney channel and I usually look at what it’s rated. If it’s G, go for it! PG, check why it’s PG. PG-13, get a parent’s permission and respect their descision if they say no. Anything R or worse, then, that’s kinda screaming in capital letters DON’T WATCH.

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  10. I watch many shows with more liberal “anything goes” propaganda, but try to pick out the things I can try to enjoy while remaining ever cognizant of the biased messages. That said, I agree many TV shows and movies are poisoned with the new radical liberal or feminist zeitgeist of the times. More ratings, I guess, but it alienates people like you and I. These liberals say everyone ought to see themselves in a positive portrayal, gays, transgender, non-Christians, minorities etc… Yet, conservatives and people of faith are reduced to hurtful stereotypes and bigots on screen, or a pun in some joke! The hypocrisy is maddening! We must be careful and call out this explicit bias and vilification of our beliefs and values. When do WE get our big debut on the screen and our values portrayed positively? Grey’s Anatomy is a prime example of liberal propaganda pushing many agendas in radical feminism, immigration, race relations against white people, and now the transgender agenda. Broken homes and “any family is a real family” propaganda is rampant now in Hollywood. Basically the TV and film industry panders not to higher morals and integrity, but what makes people feel good, no matter the moral cost to society 😦


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