Is Taylor Swift’s “Reputation” Good for Christian Girls?

Hey guys! I actually started this post three days ago and it’s just been sitting in my draft box. I’ve been studying for the ACT all week, so I let blogging be pushed to the side a little! 

The other day someone left a comment asking that I write a post about Taylor Swift. I haven’t heard any of her newer songs since basically 2012, so I looked online at her latest album release. 

She’s come a long way from You Belong With Me and Love Story. 

There was a time—and it seems a long time ago now—that Taylor Swift’s love songs offered a relatively wholesome alternative to the sexed-up music of her contemporaries. That time has passed.  -Plugged In.

On Reputation, Taylor Swift embraces a vision of womanhood defined by sensuality and bitterness.  –Think Christian.

Okay, guys, I was really shocked to see what Taylor’s singing about now. Reputation completely threw any morals she’d previously had out the back window and into the street. Check out the titles to some of her songs:

1. I Did Something Bad.

2. … Ready for It?

3. Look What You Made Me Do.

4. Dancing With Our Hands Tied.

5. This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things.

Taylor’s songs in Reputation are full of lust, deceit, immorality, and selfishness. This is the kind of music that influences girls into becoming seductive and alluring Jezebels. It’s sold to them as power and beauty and worth as a woman. 

You want respect? You demand it. You want to get your way? Oh, girl, you will get your way. You don’t need that petty, worthless guy. Hate him and get over him. 

This is the new message of Taylor Swift. 

Annoyance, betrayal, and bitterness are also big themes for Taylor: “Cause forgiveness is a nice thing to do, haha, I can’t even say it with a straight face.”

Did I forget to mention that she introduced two swear words to her music for the first time ever? Yeah, I doubt it will be the last. 

Christian girls… avoid Taylor Swift’s Reputation!

And I don’t just mean the album, y’all. According to the music artist herself, the old Taylor Swift is dead. This is her new reputation. Not one I want either! 

What about her older music?

It’s really not up to me to tell you whether or not to listen to (appropriate) sensual music. If the Taylor Swift song is clean and doesn’t have any bad messages, you have to decide for yourself if it’s right for you. Hopefully you’ll seek God’s guidance as well! 

Thanks for reading and have a great day! 


41 thoughts on “Is Taylor Swift’s “Reputation” Good for Christian Girls?

  1. I’m Muslim but we have the same beliefs on song choices. Songs with inappropriate or bad messages like lust, immorality..etc are not encouraged at all. Unfortunately, all songs nowadays seem to be lurking on the same message. I’m trying to avoid just listening to songs for no reason but I have a playlist for studying and blogging. Aleissa Cara is an amazing artist and most of her songs have great messages behind them.

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      1. You’re welcome! You have a great day too 😊
        I’m new to this blog, found it a few weeks ago, I’m around your age so I’m young lol, it’s hard to find a blog like this and the author never posts daily like once a week or so, awesome blog btw 👍


  2. This is such a great post! Thank you so much for posting! I am drawn to her song “Delicate”. Do you think it is inappropriate? Sorry, I am just trying to get some advice on her music. This post really helped.

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    1. Hey Kaylyn Grace! I looked up the lyrics to Delicate, and it’s basically about getting drunk and whether or not it’s too soon to give her body away to this guy. There’s also a curse word in it. I wouldn’t say it’s very appropriate! 😆 Thanks for asking my opinion on it and have a great day! ❤️

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      1. Hey Melani! Oh…… I didn’t even know that. XD That is kind of what I thought it meant, but I wasn’t sure. Thank you for telling me! No problem; you too! ❤

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  3. I basically never listen to Taylor Swift. I think we have one Christmas song of her’s, but that’s it.

    (Also, after all these posts on what we shouldn’t read/watch/listen to, I was thinking that maybe you should do some posts on alternatives on what we SHOULD read/watch/listen to. 😉)

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  4. Thanks for your honest and insightful post Melani! It’s interesting how celebrities influence the culture but at the same time are a reflection of the culture that is already existing. People seem to only care about others as long as they’re going along with what they want. 😦


  5. I so agree. Why?!? Again—nuts. I have never even listened to Taylor Swift. That’s just horrible. What is this world coming to? Clearly stated in the Bible, God wants us to have pure thoughts and minds and not be filled with this trashy music.


  6. Excuse me, but you know (or maybe you don’t), but, yess, we can all say “Forgive everything!”, but even when you’re Christian, there are some things which are so hard to forgive. Just like you’re going to say “Try to forget and forgive everything!” to a woman who was saddened (oh, saddened it’s a little word) by her husband her whole life. I know an example. Maybe you, or your acquaintances, because you are too young for those experiences ( me too :)) ), didn’t face life till now from that point of view. That’s why you use words like that. You are just throwing them with so much ease.
    I am not saying that “Reputation” has a good message. But it is truth, unfortunately… (another but: I agree with you on that “Reputation is not for Christian Girls” :)) )
    Anyway, have a nice day!


    1. I read your comment a few times, and I still don’t quite understand what point you’re trying to get across. XD

      Actually, Eca, I have had situations in my life where it was VERY hard to forgive. We don’t know each other, so I’m not sure why you would make the assumption that I haven’t had any real life experiences. That’s pretty presumptuous to assume of a stranger.

      I hope you have a great day! ❤️


      1. I said “maybe…” :))
        but never mind, MAYBE (again, I’m laughing because I am just repeating the same word :)) ) you didn’t observe. But I am so glad that you understood my message… Because, you know, some people would have been irritated by reading my comment and not understanding what I really wanted to say.

        Hoping you have a great Wednesday 💜


  7. Man, what has poor Taylor come to? I loved her old music, like Back To December, Our Song, etc.
    I haven’t really listened to Reputation, except for Look What You Made Me Do, as it popped up on Pandora once.
    I guess the old Taylor IS dead. And that’s not a good thing.
    Thanks for this post! I’ll be steering clear of her new music.


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