The Problem With Posting Seductive Selfies||Part 1

Hey guys! I hope everyone is having a great week. I’ve written a lot about pop-culture entertainment lately, so today I thought I would change it up a little bit by talking about what you post online.

Especially when you’re posting a selfie or picture of yourself. You really have to be careful! Today I thought I’d share with y’all a story from personal experience that really made me think about what I put out there for everyone to see. 

If you’re new here, you probably don’t remember when I totally shut my blog down. As in, I made it private and password protected!

Here’s why.

I used to blog strictly about modesty, outfit inspiration, and an occasional random post. It was fun doing a lot of outfit pictures! 

Except for that one random day when I had worn a new outfit I liked and decided to blog about it. (I remember exactly what it looked like. XD) 

One of my first commenters was a man telling me that I had a “very hot look” going on. His username was also pretty inappropriate and suggestive. (Note: I was only 15!) 

This freaked me out enough that I seriously considered deleting my blog and stopping altogether. I instead opted to making it private for a few weeks, checking everything I had posted of myself, and deleting a few pictures that could be questionable. 

However, I decided to delete that post after looking at it a second time. 

“Well,” I thought to myself. “My top is a little tight and my skirt is a little shorter than what I’d usually wear. Plus, I am wearing boots with higher heels than usual.” 

Each individual item would have probably looked fine paired with a different article of clothing. Though completely unintentional, the whole finished look wasn’t as modest as I could’ve been. 

I want to challenge you to be careful with what you post of yourself.

I’m going to dive deeper into this in part 2, but for now, just remember that everything you put out there is open for anyone to see. <3. 

(Also, I’m definitely NOT saying that that guy was justified in making an inappropriate comment about me! I just used that example for when I decided to be more careful about posting pictures. <3.) 

Have a blessed day!


33 thoughts on “The Problem With Posting Seductive Selfies||Part 1

  1. I’m really sorry that happened! I don’t use my picture on my blog so it’s not used in the wrong way, but I totally understand people who don’t mind. I love hearing your thoughts on this matter!


  2. Wow, I’ve had some interesting comments (that I deleted) but nothing like that before! I suppose I’ve really never thought about pictures that I post of myself online, I mean I don’t wear anything super immodest, but still some of the things I wear could be more modest! Thanks for posting this! 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Hannah! 😁 Yes, it’s really important to be careful what we post. Because once it’s out there, it’s out there! Even if we take it down, someone could have saved or screenshot-ed it. ❤️
      Have a wonderful day!

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  3. This is very true! My Mom and I agree with you about being careful with what someone puts on their blog. I have to say, your blog is very inspiring! Thank you for posting!

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  4. As much as it’s super duper important to dress modestly as a way to help protect yourself, I hope you didn’t blame yourself too much for that incident. Your outfit was certainly much more modest than most girls out there, and that guy had no business saying that about a 15-year-old, regardless of what you were wearing!!! Modesty is so key but we have to make sure we don’t put all the blame on ourselves. Guys need to be held accountable too 🙂

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  5. I wish more people had common sense about this! I know many girls who post provocative selfies online on social media and it damages their reputation! One girl always had a string of guys commenting on her pics! I wonder where these girls’ mothers are! It’s sad, and the radical feminist movement doesn’t help young women with it’s messages of promiscuity equals liberation!


  6. I would’ve deleted the comment right away! Sorry that freak-o dude scared you, girl. But I don’t think your clothes had anything to do with it…you dress EXTREMELY MODESTLY. That guy just wanted to be a cuckoo.

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