The Problem With Posting Seductive Selfies||Part 2

Hey guys! I haven’t blogged in a few days due to my phone going missing. I do all of my writing/featured image making on my iPhone… and I lost it at a party. I’m pretty sure it’s long gone. So for now I’m writing on my laptop and am planning to borrow my sister’s phone for making a featured image. I’m hoping to buy a new phone soon!

Today I’m finally getting around to writing a part 2 for The Problem With Posting Seductive Selfies. In my first post I talked about the time when I posted an outfit that was probably a little bit edgier than what I’d normally wear, and then I received a comment from a gentleman that was not very nice.

IMG_5719 (3)

One of the main reasons I’m writing this is because I’ve noticed a trend. We, as American girls, have this selfie-taking culture that is, well, sometimes kind of suggestive.

Even preteen girls know how to do it. A lot of young girls are on social media, so I thought this was a subject worth addressing. What we put out there stays out there forever, so being media smart is important!

Here are 3 questions you can ask yourself to help figure out how you can honor God on social media.

1. What kind of pictures am I posting?

I really don’t think I have to describe to you what a seductive picture is. We all know. But I will say one thing, you can be completely appropriately dressed and still not posting pictures that are edifying for you.

Poses, facial expressions, angles, and filters have a lot to do with whether the picture is suggestive or not. It’s not just clothing.

I’m not writing this because I want everyone to be paranoid. The exact opposite actually! I just everyone to be confident that they are representing Christ to the best of their ability. I don’t want for you to have negative online experiences because of a picture that maybe shouldn’t have been posted in the first place.

Think of it this way: if you wouldn’t send it to your grandma, maybe you shouldn’t put it online! : D

 2. Why am I posting this?

We all have to be honest with ourselves. Do we post certain pictures just to get attention?

Attention is nice for awhile. But it usually doesn’t last, and it certainly doesn’t bring fulfillment. The problem with posting seductive selfies is that you won’t want to stop. I can see how girls will feel powerful, wanted, and beautiful when posting these pictures, but it’s really not healthy for you or anyone.

We don’t belong to ourselves; we were bought with a price. Seeing as we don’t own ourselves, shouldn’t we honor the Lord with the pictures we take?

3. Do certain pictures get me more attention?

“Girl, you’re looking hot!” Do you know what you have to post in order to get these words?

I want to encourage you to stop. Stop craving affirmation from others. Stop letting random people on social media define you. Stop posting pictures that objectify you and cheapen your value in others’ eyes.

Stop disrespecting yourself.

I think I might write a whole post about this another day, but for now I’ll just say this: you can’t expect others to respect you when you don’t even respect yourself.

Thank you guys so much for reading, and feel free to leave your thoughts on social media in the comments!



36 thoughts on “The Problem With Posting Seductive Selfies||Part 2

  1. I personally don’t have any instagram or snapchat or something like that to post on about that. But it’s good to know for when I do get it. 🙂
    Also, sorry about the phone. I’m personally not allowed to get one till I can pay the bills for it. 😛 Hope you get it sorted out! 🙂


  2. So sorry about the phone 😢
    Great post and guidelines! I’m not allowed social media, but these are also helpful in real life too!



  3. I’m glad someone is cautioning girls from taking suggestive pictures! Another point: The internet is forever, and suggestive pics can have far reaching consequences impacting your credibility in future jobs and other opportunities, or come back to haunt you when you’re in a successful career. A school guidance counselor got fired for pics taken years ago as a lingerie model! Not to mention, of course, future relationships. Guys who are decent don’t want girls seen as “easy”. It’s too bad many girls are foolish enough to pot that stuff online!


  4. Whoa, this is so sad that girls actually do that! You should do a series about “How to Never Become the Girl Who…” Kinda like that abortion post.
    Love from Emmie


  5. I completely agree with this! We need to respect ourselves and treasure our bodies the way that God does.💗 —


  6. I think this is sooo true Melani! So many girls are into taking inappropriate pictures and saying/doing inappropriate things! Think before your post! (think “would grandma like this picture”?)
    Great post again!


  7. Another question to ask before clicking “post” is “If my parent was looking over my shoulder would I still post this picture? Would I be embarrassed if they saw it?”

    Great post, Melani! These types can be really edifying! 🙂

    And I hope you can get your phone situation figured out!


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