Is Immodesty Justifiable In Hot Summer Weather?

Hey guys! I am super excited that my new phone finally came in the mail, and once my SIM card comes in, I’ll once again have a working and operating phone! Blogging is so much easier for me on the WordPress app, and I am very much looking forward to being able to use that rather than my laptop. : )

It already feels like summer for us here in South Carolina. Technically it isn’t, but with summer activities coming upon us quickly, I thought it would be fun to write a post about whether or not immodesty is justifiable in the hot, sweltering months of summer.


I’m convinced that a lot of girls dress immodestly in the summer because they want to… not because they really need it! : D

Summer has become a good excuse to wear very tiny shorts and strapless tops, and most of it is in the name of…. heat.

Here’s the thing, though. Are you really going to be that much hotter wearing shorts and shirts that are a little more covering? Does just a little extra fabric really make you melt?

Lots of girls wear T-shirts in the summer. So why not wear a shirt or dress with sleeves? Is it really any different?

Is it really about staying cool…. or staying trendy?

I get it. Every store you walk into offers tiny clothes that you can easily take off their hands. I’ve seen the ads for the stylish teen stores- this is what they offer! Crop tops and short shorts are what’s in. This is what’s cool. This is what everyone is wearing.

But… what impact does it have on you?

I’m not talking about anyone else. I could write different modesty posts with so many different focuses, but right now I’m talking about YOU.

How does dressing immodestly affect you?

Is it no big deal? Or does it do you more harm than good?

Think about this for a second: in what I’m wearing, am I revealing my body or my dignity?

When people look at you, what do they see? Your heart? Your passion? Your adventurous spirit and excitement for life?

Or… a body completely on display.

This is more than modesty. It’s about whether or not you respect and honor yourself.

Whether you believe it or not, you DO have value. You’re not worthless or a nobody! No matter what lies you believe about yourself, it doesn’t change who you are in God’s eyes.

Feminism wants us to believe that modesty is oppressive and about men ruling over women. They say it’s about control.

Modesty is knowing that who you really are isn’t a perfect body or the need to flaunt it. You are SO much more than that.

Honestly…. I would say that’s more empowering than short shorts.

Getting back to my main point, is immodesty justifiable in the hot summer weather?

Just because other girls walk around the beach or fair or concert sporting outfits that leave very little to the imagination, it doesn’t mean that girl has to be YOU.

I want to encourage you to really think about what message you’re giving with your clothes and if it’s the message you want to be known by.

Have a WONDERFUL day and I’ll talk to y’all soon!




36 thoughts on “Is Immodesty Justifiable In Hot Summer Weather?

  1. Wow, I love your blog and mission so much! ❤

    I couldn't agree more– Immodesty should never be justifiable. And you can dress beautifully yet modestly in the summer months. It sometimes takes a little extra effort to find modest summer clothing, but it is definitely worth it in the end. God never promised ease and comfort, right?! 😉

    Gap and Old Navy are definitely two stores which carry many (beautiful) modest clothing options. I am a huge fan of bermuda shorts and capris for the summer. And last year dresses were my primary go-to.

    Thank you for shedding light on this topic! I love how you always approach potentially controversial topics with such grace and kindness, and yet always remain grounded in truth.


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  2. Wonderful post!! Where I live it does not get super hot! But I can not stand wearing shorts above my knees! I wear longer shorts all summer, and mostly just short sleeves shirts, only tank tops when it is really hot! 😛

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  3. Here’s what I think about the guys wearing girl clothes thing: I feel like men have a right to wear whatever matches their personality the most. I don’t think it’s rigjt when they claim to be girls, but if that’s what they like I think they should wear it. Can u talk about this in ur next post?

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    1. Hey Kadence! That’s definitely an interesting post idea. (Also, thanks for sharing your opinion in a kind way!) I think it’s important for men to wear masculine clothes and for women to wear feminine clothes. : )

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      1. I used to be really boyish and wore boys clothes because most of the girls clothes, tops were tight fitting or the shorts were either too short or too tight. Then a month ago I got on a wear skirt kick that came out of nowhere, I love skirts and dresses now, used to hate them before that haven’t wore them since I was 12 up before the kick. There are modest stores online where you can buy clothing such as blouses. But then you don’t know if they’ll fit. You see, I’m really short and petite for my age and it’s a tad bit of a challenge to find stuff that fits like a glove but nothing too tight. My body type isn’t really a problem either so most big girls sizes fit unless that particular brand runs small. I have 2 long modest skirts, one is a light blue tiered one and the other is a darker blue with 2 pockets and ruffles at the bottom of the hem. They were handmade too, made in the USA and came from they have some nice stuff there but it’s a bit expensive though, quality is good too. Then about a week ago or so, went to Kohl’s with my dad and younger sister to find some skirts in big girls sizes, got a couple pretty maxi skirts, black ivory and one with pink butterflies on it. Sorry for going on and on but skirts are awesome 😊

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  4. We forget women in past eras have worn far more coverage than we do today in summer, yet they all didn’t get heatstroke and survived! There’s a way to be modest and cool for summer. I personally like maxi dresses/skirts, maybe a shrug or cap sleeves if it’s too hot for a full cardigan. As for mini-shorts/skirts, a few extra inches won’t make you feel overheated! There are plenty of summer maxi skirts in style and lighter fabrics, luckily. I also like dresses that have lace sleeves, so they don’t have to be worn with a cardigan.

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  5. This is so true!! I mostly wear longer (like touching the knee) Bermuda shorts and light-weight fabric T-shirts. Actually that’s what I’m wearing right now! 😉

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  6. Hey Melani, I know this is an odd request, but could you review Overwatch? My sister is SUPER into the animated shorts and won’t stop talking about widowtracer fanfics, whatever they are. Frankly, I’m getting worried about her, even though Overwatch is T rated. Could you be kind enough to point me to an appropriate resource if you don’t have the time for me?

    Ty, this was a great post!



  7. First off YAAAAYYY for your new phone!!! 😆🎉

    Secondly, as long as we have cotton and other breathable fabrics, the “wearing less to stay cool” philosophy is invalid. 😂😂😂

    Thanks for another great post, Mel! 💖


  8. I make sure to always wear modest clothes; in fact, it’s sometimes hard to get me OUT of more fabric! 😂 (I tend to wear sweaters, even in the summer heat 😛)


  9. Congrats on the new phone girl! 📱

    No, immodesty is never justifiable for heat. There are plenty of ways to stay cool and be modest. I just think some girls refuse to do things like drink water 💧 or open some windows or something. You actually inspired me to do a modesty post for this summer also! Thanks for your tips!

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  10. Congratulations on your new phone. Thank you for this interesting post. Covering up your body in the hat is a good thing to protect your skin from the sun.


  11. I live in California and people still wear immodest clothing during the winter (when it is cold) so I agree that clothing is a choice that people make. Especially with today’s scientific improvements even in clothing (more breathable fabric, sweat-absorption shirts, etc.), everyone could be modest and comfortable during the summer (if they chose so). I do think that immodest clothing is not comfortable anyways.


  12. A message everyone needs to hear!
    Why is it that those girls that are dressed immodestly look down on us girls who dress modestly? Why do they think just because they are walking around practically naked that they are so much better than us? Sometimes I wonder if they even realize how immodestly they are dressed….

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