Good Girls Gone Bad: College Parties and Losing the Faith

Hey guys! I’ve taken a small break over the past few weeks just to reconsider where my blog is going. It’s hard when you’re facing controversy, and “How long should I blog?” is a question that’s often in the back of my mind. I promise, this isn’t an announcement that I’m quitting blogging. I just wanted to quickly explain my recent lack of posts. : )

The inspiration for this post actually came from watching girls around me and seriously thinking for myself about how I want to approach college. It’s really sad when we see how many young people are completely ditching God and their family’s faith when they leave the house and begin their college years.

So today I wanted to talk about “good girls gone bad” and why seemingly strong Christian girls are losing the faith. They’re raised in a Christian home. They go to church their whole lives. They go through all the motions perfectly.

Then they go to college. Soon you find videos of them partying/drunk on social media and having a girls’ night watching Fifty Shades Freed.

I *promise* I have no judgment in my heart as I write this. My goal is not to condemn anyone! I simply want to talk about why this happens and how we can be aware. Also, how we can pray for girls that are swaying from their faith! Because without Jesus, none of us would be doing any better.

Why are Christian girls making bad decisions in college?

I think too often girls are putting up a front. They follow their parents’ rules simply to avoid making waves; they say they have a personal relationship with Jesus simply because it is expected of them. But none of the core values of the household are truly their own. 

A lot of people are shocked when a girl that seems to be doing really well moves out and begins making bad decisions. Where did her parents go wrong? Sadly, this happens quite often.

What we don’t realize is that the girl’s heart has to change before her actions ever will. And only Jesus is capable of that.

Was the peer pressure just too much for them?

Guys, I think it is super important to not only choose a good college. It’s just as important to choose good friends. Bad company does corrupt good morals. Peer pressure is real!

You don’t want to be caught in a situation where you have to say yes or no to alcohol and drugs. You just don’t. Granted, I know people can quickly find themselves in a bad situation completely by accident. But leaving the room, leaving the group, leaving the party, this is SO important.

The last thing you want is to make a decision you’ll later regret.

Will these girls come back to the faith?

The beautiful thing about Jesus is that He never gives up on us. You can’t sin a maximum number of times and then just be out of luck. The grace, patience, and mercy that He has is incredible! 

No, I would not say that “good girls gone bad” are totally lost. God will bring them back if it’s His will. While these girls may be temporarily enamored with things of the world, God is sovereign and always will be. Our part in this? Prayer. : )

Thanks so much for reading this post, and have a great day!



27 thoughts on “Good Girls Gone Bad: College Parties and Losing the Faith

  1. Great post. I for one decided on attending a local community college then will transfer to the local university. This allows for me to be able to stay under the protection of my parents at home and still further my education. I understand that this might not be an option for some, but it has worked for me.

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  2. I think a lot of it has to do with what you just pointed out: their values are not their own. A lot of parents impose their will, but never stop and explain why they feel the way they do. An overly strict household with no leeway for questioning or exploration or autonomy leads to repressed people who go nutty at the first taste of freedom since they never had the chance to practice regulating themselves or forming their own values. Even though I’m not Catholic, I went to a Catholic college and saw how girls who were raised in repressive strict homes went wild once out in the world, or since their faith was imposed on them, they have no desire to keep up the charade once out of their parent’s home. Parents who keep an open line of communication, and let their children develop their own views and have some autonomy raise more well-balanced children. Parents need to realize, when you have teenagers, your job isn’t to protect them anymore; it’s to teach them how to protect themselves. Adulthood is just around the corner, and raising independent levelheaded thinkers instead of obedient lapdogs is what’s needed to succeed on your own. Many of my college classmates didn’t have the self-discipline to prioritize their studies or even get to class! I’m sure it’s becuase mommy and daddy always told them what to do and when, so the lack of structure made them collapse!

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  3. Also, P.S., keep blogging! Many people, especially liberal snowflakes will be very vocal and try to silence your voice. If you do, they win. They can’t handle reasoned debate so they try every ad hominem attack and threat to silence any dissent by calling you hateful names and slandering you. That’s why I only blog under a pseudonym. Keep putting your views out there, it lets other like me know they’re not alone in a sea of vocal snowflakes! Many others make up a silent majority who think more conservatively.

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  4. This is such a good thing to discuss! As someone who’s in college right now, I can definitely see what you’re talking about. I would encourage you to keep blogging if you can, even if you choose to change the direction a little bit. Also, are you planning on going to college next year?

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    1. Hey Kate! I’m planning to rack up credit by doing CLEP tests this year. Next year, I’d love to enroll in a college and work towards a degree in communication. Thanks for commenting!


  5. I have a little question for you Mel. I am preparing for college and at this point trying to figure out my own beliefs. “Is what my parents believe also what I believe?” I’m not talking about specifically being saved because I know that I am. But is it wrong to work out the specifics of what I personally believe? Is it wrong to come to my own conclusions with the Bible if they are against my parents and the way I was raised? For example I think it is okay for Christians to get piercings and tattoos but my parents do not. That’s another discussion though.


    1. Hey Christi! I was thinking on your question, and I came to this conclusion: everyone, even parents and children, are going to have different opinions on things. I’m sure your parents and grandparents don’t think the exact same on EVERYTHING. It’s okay to disagree, I would just encourage you to try to align all of your personal beliefs with Scripture. ❤️ Thank you for commenting!

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  6. Thank you for sharing the truth even when it’s hard, Melani! I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to do most of my college online, but I have also experienced the darkness that’s easy to find on campus. Without Jesus, it’s impossible to hold onto hope and light. I appreciate your encouragement to seek after Him! You inspire me, girl. 🙂


  7. Thank you so much for posting this, Melani! I hope you’re able to keep blogging because your posts have been a huge encouragement to me. I’m finishing up at a local community college, and even there I’ve seen some rebellion from people I know who were raised in Christian homes. It’s a hard thing to witness. This is why it’s so important to make your faith your own while you’re still young. Again, thanks for posting, and keep up the great work!


  8. This is such a great post! Thank you for your thoughts! As a female college student myself, I’ve seen similar things happen to other people. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


  9. Wow. So so so true. I think before you go to college is to sort out your beliefs and be strong in your faith so you can stand against temptations. Great points! I always see the light of Jesus shine through your blog!


  10. Great post! You’re so right about the importance of watching your association. 1 Corinthians 15:33 says, “do not be misled, bad associations spoil useful habits.” We become the company we keep.


  11. So true. And I think this happens to guys and girls, even when they are not Christian. And it’s simply because they don’t have confidence in themselves. To me, confidence comes from knowing who you are, what you do, and what you believe, and most importantly, knowing why you do it and why you believe what you do. 🙂 Great article! ❤


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