This Is My Last Blog Post



Guys, I started a new blog! I’ve been editing it like crazy, but I wanted to go ahead and tell you guys that Reflections of the Heart is soon going to be no more.

I started this blog when I was 14. I’ve really enjoyed growing from fashion and life posts to modern culture and relatable issues. It’s been fun, but now I’m almost 19. I decided I wanted to start fresh with a new blog and a new slate.

I’ve added most of my posts from here on my new blog… which is called Chasing Grace, by the way. : ) I’m really excited to share about some new things, while keeping with my usual blog topics.

I’m planning to make a page devoted to additional resources for matters such as:



Abortion/Pro-life testimonies.


Popular Book/Movie/TV show reviews.

And more!

Thank you to everyone who has followed this blog. I really appreciate it. If you’d like, feel free to jump over to Chasing Grace and give it a follow! (I’ll be shutting down Reflections of the Heart most likely within a week or two.)

Many blessings!



12 thoughts on “This Is My Last Blog Post

  1. Wow! Congratulations on starting your new site – it’s lovely! I totally understand what that feels like, in fact I’ve just done a similar thing. 😉


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