Hey y’all! I’m Melani. I’m the writer here behind Reflections of the Heart. I began blogging three years ago to share my stance on modesty and living for the Lord. It’s been quite a journey, and I’ve loved every step of the way!

Now I’m sharing something a little different. I think we can agree that our culture puts a very high and worldly standard of beauty, worth, and self-image on us girls. God defines it in a totally different way, and I’m excited to dive into that in upcoming posts. I am going to share what God says about us as His daughters, how we should relate to those around us, putting Christ and others above ourselves, and basically living life as a godly teenage girl.


Now I’ll introduce myself. : ) I’m 17 years old and I’m currently working on my last year of school. I call Georgia my home, and I am the oldest of 8. Yes, 8! I love traveling and books and I Love Lucy reruns. I bake when I’m bored, and Pinterest is my friend. I love the beach- too much, probably. I’ve spent most of my life in a dance studio, and I volunteer weekly at a crisis pregnancy center. I guess that about covers it! ; )





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  1. Love your blog Melani! You should have a giveaway soon! Maybe on your 1st blog birthday! You really should do that. 🙂
    Love in Christ,

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  2. You have been made an official link in our church web site. You are living a beautiful life for Christ. Also, you are a leader in the Christian world. Your parents must be proud. We are Mater Dolorosa Catholic Church, New Orleans.


  3. It is really difficult to see a girl who reads a lot. Pride and Prejudice used to be one of my favorites. But nowadays I only “look through” a couple of “useful” readings like How Google Works. Miss the days I never thought of money.


    1. Reading is an excellent way to wind down! I completely understand what you’re saying. Life gets busy, and books are expensive, so I also have times where reading is a challenge! Have a blessed week, Molly. 😊


  4. Dear Melani…I just discovered your lovely blog! I love how you strive to dress to bring glory to the Lord – what a joy to find another young lady walking a similar path to me! I am also the eldest of seven children…six girls and a boy! Caleb was born at the end of April… How exciting that your family are about to welcome baby #8! Praise be to the Lord for this wodnerful blessing! I also love When Calls the Heart, Pride and Prejudice and of course, Anne of Green Gables! It sounds like we share a common love for many things…{{Smiles}} I hope to visit again soon! Many blessings to you,


    1. It is so nice to meet you, Kelly-Anne. What a lovely name, by the way. 😉 It does sound like we have a lot in common! I love meeting other young ladies sharing the same journey. I will be sure to visit your blog. Have a blessed week!


  5. Haha, the no-Wifi thing is great! We have a modem that gives us 5 gigs a month, but we almost always go over. 😆 I absolutely love living in the mountains, so it *might* be worth it. Have a blessed week!


  6. Melani, I don’t want to be annoying, believe me, but I was just wondering if you got my comment about us being pen-pals? I know we don’t know each other well yet. 🙂
    Does your mom have a blog? My mom was wondering.


    1. Hey Tori! Yes, I did get it! I thought I emailed you back, but maybe it didn’t come through. I would love to be pen pals! My mom does have a blog, childrenareablessing.org.


  7. I’m the 5th oldest in a family of 8 as well. A lot of people are always so surprised when I tell them how many kids are in our family ☺️ Just found your blog and I am so excited to follow you! Your website has rare content and I’m always so thrilled to find that there are still Christian teen girls out there……..with blogs. 😉 ~Anne

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    1. Hey Anne! That’s so cool that we have the same number of siblings. I’m glad to meet you! I love reading other blogs, and sometime I should post a list of my favorites! Blessings!

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      1. Ikr?! When I read you had 8 siblings, I was like, “Someone like me!!!” 😆
        A list of your favorite blogs would be awesome to see! I’ll be sure to check them out as soon as you post it! ☺️God Bless! ~Anne


  8. Hi! I just found your blog and love it!! I have a modest fashion/crafting/beauty blog with several other girls at joyfullyyou.wordpress.com, and I was SO HAPPY when I found your blog!! I have eight siblings as well, but we live up north in Ohio! Just wanted to say how much I am LOVING exploring your blog!
    You set a great example for all young modest Christian young women, like myself! ❤

    Hadassah ❤

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    1. Aww, I’m so glad to meet you! I’ll definitely go check out your blog. That’s awesome that you have 8 siblings!
      Thanks so much for the sweet comment and have a great day! ❤️


    1. Hey Bekah! I do ballet and pointe right now, but my favorite genres of dance are definitely lyrical and contemporary.

      I used to live in Georgia, but my dad applied for a new job this summer and we now live in South Carolina. Thanks for commenting!

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  9. You like books and I Love Lucy? Yey! My brother has actually band me from watching any more I Love Lucy and I read way too many books when I don’t have any school or other work to do. 😉 Any who, I like your blog and can’t wait for more post.



  10. You’re an inspiration to young girls I’m sure! Your advocacy and speaking your mind so courageously is admirable, and you’re far more put together than many teenagers your age! Young people need to speak out more and show the world not all millennials are radical snowflakes that have an “anything goes” morality with no real values or accountability. Keep speaking out, we’re a silent majority in the country of people who do not stand with the anything goes culture of instant gratification and no accountability! More young women ought to stand for traditional virtues such as family values in our society and traditional womanhood. I come from a secular perspective on these issues, but never the less, I’m a huge fan of your blog and admire your outreach and advocacy and I feel many of our values line up despite our differences 🙂

    Best of luck and keep speaking out!
    A Lady of Reason ❤


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