Warm Winter Blessings!

Hey guys! Today we had a weather forecast for snow. It's already afternoon, and the snow has yet to come, but it's still too cold to go outside. : ) I have my doubts that it will actually snow, but maybe the weather will prove me wrong. See? No snow. ; ) I did take… Continue reading Warm Winter Blessings!


Into the Woods / Fall Attire

 Fall is easily my favorite time of year. I just love wearing boots and crunching through the leaves, while the air is cool and crisp. Who wouldn't? : ) How is everyone this lovely Saturday? Hopefully doing well and cherishing the season! Of course, the promise of Winter is just around the corner. ; ) We… Continue reading Into the Woods / Fall Attire

All Dressed Up for Disney on Ice

I really don't think that I'm ever going to outgrow Disney. ; ) Well, last weekend we got tickets to Disney on Ice in Birmingham, Alabama, got the little ones all dressed up in their Disney attire, and went to see the show! I would've had the post up sooner, but it was a really… Continue reading All Dressed Up for Disney on Ice