When Church Girls Are In A Clique

It was such a small church. My family had been going there for a couple years, and I still hadn't made any close friends. Not like I didn't try.  There were only a few girls that were close to my age, and they had been best friends for years. They were always polite to me,… Continue reading When Church Girls Are In A Clique


Are “Future Wedding” Pinterest Boards Helpful For Single Girls?

I used to keep up with what my friends and followers were pinning on Pinterest. I don't so much anymore, mainly because of time. While I would scroll through the boards, I noticed a common theme. Lots of girls I knew who were all teenagers; single, young, and with NO future marriages in sight had… Continue reading Are “Future Wedding” Pinterest Boards Helpful For Single Girls?

Real ‘Squad Goals’ Every Girl Should Have

Squad goals have become all the rage these days! They usually depict a group of girls having fun or crazy adventures together, and while these are fun goals for best friends to have, as Christians, there are other 'squad goals' that we should definitely be having! 1: Pray For Each Other! Good friends are definitely… Continue reading Real ‘Squad Goals’ Every Girl Should Have

For the Girl Who Wants To Be Somebody

She keeps track of her Instagram followers. She spends tons of time and energy on her YouTube channel, hoping that somebody she'll be famous. She looks at the girls who have been"discovered" via social media and wonders to herself, why can't that happen to me? Fame, recognition, popularity. Who wouldn't like that, right? Being somebody... it must… Continue reading For the Girl Who Wants To Be Somebody