My 18th Birthday Photoshoot!

Hey guys! Today is my 18th birthday, and as always, I wanted to do a fun photoshoot! I don’t post outfits as much as I used to, and sometimes it’s fun to take a break from all the articles! (Which I love doing too. XD) I actually wore two different dresses because that’s how indecisive … Continue reading My 18th Birthday Photoshoot!


Aesthetic Snow Day Fashion Photoshoot!

Hey y'all! So we actually got SNOW in South Carolina yesterday, and this morning my sister and I decided to do a photoshoot outside! I haven't done an outfit post in awhile, but some of y'all have said that you like them so I'm going to try to post about outfits/fashion/modesty more often. : D  … Continue reading Aesthetic Snow Day Fashion Photoshoot!