Why I’m Not A Fan Of Emma Watson

Emma Watson is a pretty popular Hollywood actress. She is dubbed a very wise and mature young lady, with many people flocking to her for advice. I know girls personally that adore her. But I've decided for myself that she isn't a role model I want to have. Which might seem kind of strange, because… Continue reading Why I’m Not A Fan Of Emma Watson


Three Easy Ways To Be A Friendlier Person

Hey guys! I'm really trying to keep up with blogging during this crazy move, but more often than not I find myself with not enough time or motivation to write a post.  I thought it would be fun to write a post about being friendly! Some people are outgoing, some are shy, some are bubbly,… Continue reading Three Easy Ways To Be A Friendlier Person

For the Girl Who Wants To Be Somebody

She keeps track of her Instagram followers. She spends tons of time and energy on her YouTube channel, hoping that somebody she'll be famous. She looks at the girls who have been"discovered" via social media and wonders to herself, why can't that happen to me? Fame, recognition, popularity. Who wouldn't like that, right? Being somebody... it must… Continue reading For the Girl Who Wants To Be Somebody