Three Easy Ways To Be A Friendlier Person

Hey guys! I'm really trying to keep up with blogging during this crazy move, but more often than not I find myself with not enough time or motivation to write a post.  I thought it would be fun to write a post about being friendly! Some people are outgoing, some are shy, some are bubbly,… Continue reading Three Easy Ways To Be A Friendlier Person


Real ‘Squad Goals’ Every Girl Should Have

Squad goals have become all the rage these days! They usually depict a group of girls having fun or crazy adventures together, and while these are fun goals for best friends to have, as Christians, there are other 'squad goals' that we should definitely be having! 1: Pray For Each Other! Good friends are definitely… Continue reading Real ‘Squad Goals’ Every Girl Should Have

Crazy, Busy Days in January

Hey y'all! It's crazy how time flies. Things have been pretty quiet around here lately, mostly do to lots of running around, projects that I've been tackling lately, and, not to mention studying for the ACT. : ) Plus, a trip to the library and several new books may or may not have anything to do… Continue reading Crazy, Busy Days in January